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3 Fun Things to do When You Travel

I have certain things I love to do when I travel, no matter where in the world I go. I guess they’re like hobbies, certain activities I seek out. I can compare experiences to all the other places I’ve done them, and it makes it easy to plan a trip because I have a little bucket list that goes with me no matter where I go. If you’re wanting to make your travels more interesting or  have a little quirk while you travel, keep reading my top 3 fun things to do when you travel no matter where in the world you go.

1. Go Wine Tasting
If the place you’re visiting has a vineyard, then you’d be doing yourself a huge disservice to not go and try it out. There’s something truly lovely about spending a day at a vineyard, a glass of wine in hand, trying out a platter and enjoying the beautiful scenery. If you’re heading to Seattle, for example, why not check out wine tasting seattle area. If where you’re going isn’t known for wine, for example the Czech Republic, why not do something quirky and local like a beer tasting pub crawl.

2. Do an Escape Room
I love escape rooms, they’re such a fun activity to do with friends, family or even travel buddies. But they’re also not really something you can do twice, at least not the same one, so it makes sense to try different ones around the world. There are all different types of technology and secrecy used in different escape rooms, so trying new ones is really fun. I try to check to see if there’s an escape room in every city I visit and love seeing the differences and enjoying the challenge of beating the clock. Check out this website for some great CRM ideas. 

  1. Go to a Performance
    It can be a little challenging to figure out what performances are on, especially if you’re traveling to a country where everything is in a foreign language. But if there’s something you love to see, whether it be the ballet, opera, or a musical performance, why not try it overseas? When in Tel Aviv, I went to a piano performance and while the performance itself was lovely, it was also fascinating seeing how everyone clapped afterwards.

    Once you’ve got your travel books in with Momentum Jets, the next step is just figuring out what you’ll do while away. Hopefully these top 3 fun things to do while traveling inspire you. 

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