4 Reasons to Choose a Purple Casket for Your Loved One

When choosing a casket for your loved one, there are many different factors to consider, such as material, size, and type. For most people, color is rarely something they look at but allow us to explain why it should.

The color of the casket can help you express your loved one’s personality and make the final farewell more personal. While traditional colors like white and black are always popular choices, more and more people choose colorful caskets, such as purple.

Purple color is an excellent choice for a casket. For starters, it is associated with spirituality so much that the Pope immediately comes to mind when some people see purple. It’s the color of royalty and nobility and is also associated with wisdom and enlightenment.

For many others, it is also a symbol of peace. If your loved one was particularly spiritual or wise, then a purple casket could be a fitting tribute.

Here are four more reasons why you might want to choose a purple casket for your loved one, or you can click here to buy online:

1. If They Were a Veteran and Were Awarded a Purple Heart

Purple caskets would be a fitting tribute for veterans awarded a Purple Heart. A purple heart is given to those wounded or killed while serving in the military. As such, it is a symbol of great sacrifice and bravery.

2. If They Loved the Color Purple

If your loved one’s favorite color was purple, then choosing a purple casket is a way to honor their wishes. By doing so, you will be giving them a send-off that is genuinely representative of their personality. Purple is often associated with royalty, power, and luxury. It can also be seen as a symbol of peace and serenity.

3. If You Want to Create a More Personal Farewell

A purple casket can also help you create a more personal funeral service. With a more colorful casket, you can add more personal touches to the service that will reflect your loved one’s personality and life story. It can make the service more meaningful for those who are grieving.

4. If You Want to Brighten Up the Mood

A purple casket can also help to brighten up the mood during a difficult time. Funerals can be sad events, but adding a splash of color can help to lighten the mood a bit. A purple casket can be a beautiful and fitting tribute to your loved one.

To Sum It Up

Choosing the right casket for your loved one is an important decision. There are many factors to consider, and the color of the casket is one of them. While traditional colors like white and black are always popular, you can also choose purple.

A dark shade of purple would be ideal for someone who lived a relatively luxurious life, while a lighter shade can work for a woman since it comes off as a tad feminine.

If you need a purple casket for your loved one, don’t hesitate to reach out to Titan Casket. You are almost guaranteed to find the perfect coffin for your loved one’s final farewell from their online store.

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