4 Tips for Improving Your Badminton Game

Badminton is such a fun sport to play, but it’s also one where it’s easy to get a bit stagnant with your game. Obviously, you can improve your game by playing with others and by improving your physical fitness, but if you’re needing a little more help to improve your game, keep reading to learn more. Here are my top 4 tips for improving your badminton game no matter your skill level.

1. Upgrade Your Gear
I’m not suggesting spending money for the sake of spending money, which is so typical in our modern society. However, you should take an honest look at your badminton related gear to see what you need to upgrade. Do you have comfortable sports shoes that don’t limit your ability to move freely on the court? How is the condition of your racket? Do you think it would be worth upgrading to a brand new Yonex Badminton Racket? Take an honest look at everything you have and decide if there’s some area you need to spend money to feel more confident in your game. There’s nothing worse than feeling like an old pair of shoes or a weak racket is holding you back.

2. Watch Videos of Badminton on Youtube
Unfortunately for most of us, practicing badminton every day is often not realistic. When you can’t get on the court for a game, the next best thing you can do is to watch other people play. Better yet if you can get some video footage of yourself playing, so you can see any mistakes you made from another perspective. Check out the wide selection of videos available, from training and tips videos, to just normal footage of people playing a game of badminton. Watch and pay attention to things that surprise you, as you’ll be able to use them to your advantage on the court.

3. Develop Pre Game and Post Game Rituals
Having rituals can help you get into the zone quicker. Just like many teams will say a special mantra before a game, you can have your own rituals that make you feel good. Maybe it’s splashing some cold water on your face, maybe it’s reading through a list of affirmations, or maybe it’s turning inwards to meditate for a minute. Try to set up some rituals that are energizing and motivating for you, to help you improve your game without being on the court. 

4. Monitor Your Progress
Sometimes we’re hard on ourselves and fail to see the progress we’re making or how far we’ve come. Don’t forget to spend a little time acknowledging how your game or fitness has improved over the course of your journey. Taking time to appreciate the progress you’ve made will help you have momentum to keep moving forward on the days it feels too hard or too impossible to go further forward. Most of us are too hard on ourselves, quick to notice our failures, but rarely appreciative of our progress.

Hopefully these four tips for how to improve your badminton game inspire you to do your best, to take your game to the next level and to create fun new rituals that help you excel.

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