5 most popular dances around the world

I suggest you to make a trip to 5 countries and learn about their national dances. Folk dances have survived through the centuries and are an integral part of peoples’ culture and traditions. Many of them have spread around the world and have become popular, while others have changed and merged with each other. A folk dance is what makes Haiti, the UK, Hawaii, Greece and Germany appear at the same level!


Deeply connected with traditional Haitian music, the dance in Haiti is literally overwhelmed with the spirit of communication, emotions and the history of the island. Despite cultural stereotypes (most people believe that dancing in Haiti is used only for religious or spiritual rituals), dances in this country appear in everyday life of literally every person.

The beat of the drum resonates with the soul of the Haitian people, which is also being expressed in the movement. Haitian dances tell stories about important events and encourage communication among people.

The compass dance was born in Haiti, and is named after the style of music they use. The dance is performed at a fast pace under accompaniment of guitars, saxophones and synthesizers. It reminds a merengue dance, but performed at a slower pace. A compass can be danced in pairs or solo, and some people describe it as a Haitian version of salsa. Online girls consider it rather hot.


Forget about grassy skirts and open-mouth smiles that tourists meet in Hawaii. Hula is a serious traditional dance, where participants receive an invitation from Kumu Hula (the teacher). All the dancers chant a special ceremonial cry during the movement. At the same time, it is strictly recommended not to make mistakes in the dance, because it will cause the wrath of the Hawaiian gods upon you. There are several types of traditional Hula dance, as well as hundreds of folk musical instruments used by dancers.


The name of the Sirtaki dance comes from the Greek “touch”. This dance appeared recently – in 1964. It was invented specially for the episode in the movie “Zorba’s dance”, therefore it is a mistake to consider it Greek traditional folk dance. Nevertheless, it combines some figures of the ancient dance of Greek warriors called hasapiko. The popular Greek composer Mikis Theodorakis composed music used by Sirtaki dancers. The Sirtaki became an essential symbol of Greece right after the film appeared on television.


Before the world was overwhelmed with Beatles, it was overwhelmed with Polka in the nineteenth century. Surprisingly, the origin of the dance can be traced to one person – a young woman Anna Slezakova. A local music teacher noticed her dancing to the rhythm of a folk song. This is how the dance appeared. Polka was popularized through newspapers, and soon dance halls across Europe and America were infected by this crazy dance. Even nowadays Polka is popular all around the world – from Finland to the Argentine Pampas.


The Morris Dance is an integral part of the UK traditions. It is based on rhythmic steps and various figures performed by a group of male dancers. As a rule, the group does not exceed 7 people – they use special armor on the lower legs, sticks, swords and handkerchiefs. Morris comes from the ancient word “Murish”. It was restored by folklorists in the early twentieth century and has soon spread beyond the UK.

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