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5 Nomos Watch Collections: Your Must-Have Modern Watch

Nomos takes pride in being one of the most well-known modern watchmakers in the world. Collectors and fans alike were drawn to it because of its innovative offering and award-winning creations. Nomos designs classic timepieces that cater to watch enthusiasts of minimalist tastes by merging modern architecture with cutting-edge technology.

Its most famous sets, the NOMOS Metro and the NOMOS Tangente have received numerous awards in the industry. NOMOS watches today are ideally suited to the new urban jungle and the fast-paced lives of the cosmopolitan man. The company continues to demonstrate this by producing watches that are cutting-edge in both style and functionality.

Nomos Tangente: A True Bauhaus Watch

The Nomos Tangente was an immediate success upon its release. It is now the brand’s best-selling watch almost three decades later. Tangente timepieces have a circular case and a simple dial. It’s the natural blend between old and modern, with a narrow seconds dial and angled lugs.

The Tangente, like the other Nomos watches, has a cordovan leather strap for a relaxed fit. This harness is made from the hindquarters of a horse and is both sturdy and hydrophobic. Its date screen also distinguishes it. Two red markers frame the date at the dial’s edge for better reading.

Nomos Club: The Sporty Dress Watch

The NOMOS Club has a more youthful appearance than most Nomos watches. Its style is centered on a sporty motif while staying simple. The Club, like the Tangente, has a variety of watch sub-families. Each sub-family is tailored to your specific lifestyle. The NOMOS Club Neomatik, for example, measures 42mm in diameter and is ideal for sporty looks and functions.

The Campus series, on the other hand, reduces the scale to 38 or 39mm. In either white, black, or midnight blue dials, the Campus series’ colors are simple on the eyes. The Aqua series of the collection has eye-catching visuals at first sight. The Nomos Club is available in a siren blue or siren red dial and the standard colors.

Nomos Ahoi: A Must-Have for Sports Enthusiasts

Nomos Ahoi is the brand’s product for active people. Water resistance of up to 200m is one of its many qualities (656ft). With its luminous hands and hour marks, telling time would not be a problem if you got this far down. In addition, the watch’s layout is kept clean with the addition of some sporty details.

The Nomos Ahoi, as predicted by the company, comes in a variety of sizes to suit various tastes. The watch’s movements differ, allowing it to be priced differently. You can choose from multiple bold colors for the dial to give it an even sportier feel. A striking watch remains a viable choice with siren blue or siren red as options.

The Nomos Ahoi Atlantic, on the other hand, is ideal for those who want a more understated or classy look in a sports watch. This timepiece goes beyond sporty with its dark blue dial and can easily switch to corporate meetings.

Nomos Orion: Simple and Contemporary

The Nomos Orion is one of the most simple models in the brand’s line. It just contains the details that the wearer needs. A domed sapphire glass protects the clock, which has short minute and hour indexes. As seen from the edge, it has a unique appearance when opposed to other flat Nomos watches.

Like the other collections on our list, the Orion men’s and women’s watches are available with a manual or Neomatik movement. It’s come in a choice of sizes, from 33mm to 41mm.

Nomos Metro: A Watch for the Modern Man

Along with the Tangente, the Nomos Metro is one of the most common Nomos sets. In 2014, this collection debuted just in time for the brand’s signature Swing System. Nomos Metro timepieces are ideal for the urban jungle. This complements the watch’s modern and futuristic aesthetic.

It was designed by Mark Braun, a Berlin-based independent artist, and it won numerous awards when it was first released. This watch has received recognition from award-giving entities such as the German Design Award, the GOOD DESIGN AWARD, and the iF Award. The model is also available in 12 different variations to fit your style and preferences.


Nomos Glashütte is a German watchmaker with a 170-year history. The watches from Nomos Glashütte are all high-quality timepieces with a retro feel to them. Their top watch collections have a simple and elegant appearance. Tetra, Ludwig, Orion, and the Metro are among the collections.

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