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5 Nursing Trends You Should Be Watching

The United States has over 4.2 million registered nurses, and among them, there are 325000 nurses with a license. When comparing nurse strength to physician strength, nurses are four times more powerful. That is why there is so much going on in the nursing industry. You must decide whether you want to stay in the race and pursue better professional chances.

Also, there is the fact that the demand for nursing professionals is always on the rise, and the current output of young nurses cannot fulfill it. That’s why many healthcare facilities look for talented foreign nurses from neighboring countries, such as Mexico, Brazil, Chile, and South Asia.

It’s best to know current trends in the nursing world because it lets you keep up with the pace of the profession and enables you to learn what you need to upskill your capabilities.

Here are five current trends in the nursing world that might surprise you a little.

1. The Popularity of Online Nursing Programs Skyrocketing

Every nursing professional has the right to strive for better-paying opportunities in the healthcare industry. Yet, high-ticket opportunities require more skills, proficiencies, and qualifications that can be hard to master but not impossible. That’s why employed nursing professionals spend their extra time learning new skills and expertise in the comfort of their homes. The means are printed books, online learning courses, and online MOOC programs.

Yet, almost every esteemed nursing professional chooses an online nursing program to upgrade their resume. As a result, enrollment in online courses is increasing each day. Also, online courses allow diversity in nursing because every learner can choose a specialization. And become a distinct nurse who can offer value to healthcare facilities in some specific area. Moreover, a nurse specializing in one particular field offers better medical care and eliminates errors. So, if you are a nursing professional, enroll in a specialization online. It’ll progress your career toward higher pays and job satisfaction.

2. More Earnings for Nurses

Nurses’ earnings vary with the nature of the healthcare facility and the requirement of shift hours. But recently, almost every healthcare facility has paid decent wages to nursing professionals to keep them working without quitting and joining another organization. Yet, it is not the only reason that has increased the earnings of nursing professionals.

The demand for private care has also increased the earning potential of nurses. Many nurses are now operating as independent service providers in their communities offering various home care services, charging their rates to private consumers. In addition, thanks to telemedicine and online care consulting, nursing experts are making more money. People nowadays desire to save time and effort by reducing their visits to healthcare facilities. That’s why many nurses allocate their free time to telehealth platforms and provide online care.

Due to more awareness in public, people are not using quack ideas but seeking professionals for the best medical and care advice. That’s why, due to such demand, many experienced nurses have started their consultancy business for private customers. More and more nursing professionals are diving into consultancy opportunities and earning their side incomes.

3. Shortages of Nurses in the United States

Over 6.5 million people in the United States need personal care assistance and medicare regularly or daily. But 4.2 million registered nurses and 95,0000 care professionals are not enough and are evenly spread across the United States. That’s why there is a shortage of nurses in many cities of the US. Also, it is not going to end soon because nursing professionals are not graduating in the required number. Moreover, nursing instructors are also in fewer numbers. That’s why training the required nursing is a huge challenge that participates in the shortages of nurses. As a result, the government is opening immigration opportunities for nursing professionals from all over the world.

Also, due to the inception of many medical services in the health industry, such as plastic surgery, sex change, skin treatments, body amplification, and more, nurses are getting higher pays there. As a result, experienced nurses quit public healthcare facilities and start high-paying roles. As a result, there is a shortage of skilled nurses all over the United States in many healthcare facilities.

4. More Job Opportunities for Nurses

According to the US Bureau of labor and statistics, nursing roles will increase by 7% in the next few years. There will be more than 200,000 positions that need to be filled by registered nurses until 2029. That’s why newspaper classifieds and online job boards will be rushed with nurse jobs sooner.

Yet, many private healthcare facilities have to fulfill the legal requirements of medical staff in every case. That’s why there will be more jobs for nurses in both public and private healthcare facilities in the future. So, choosing nursing as a career is the right decision for the youth in this saturated economy. Also, you’ll be participating in your role for the nation’s greater good that’ll also make you proud of yourself.

5. More Nurses with a Bachelor’s Degree

Among 4.2 million registered nurses in the United States, a very minute percentage has a Bachelor’s degree in nursing. However, these graduates command higher salaries everywhere in the US due to their expertise and qualifications. Due to this, many employed nurses have enrolled in the Bachelor’s nursing program in recent years. That’s why in the next four years, many batches of graduated nurses are entering the market to demand higher pays with benefits. So, if you are a nurse, you better get enrolled in a Bachelor’s program and aim for the high-paying jobs in the market.


The nursing field is going through significant changes that you need to be aware of to keep up with the pace of your job as a nurse. First, nurses are in demand, and there is a shortage of nurses all over the United States. Second, online programs provide you with the convenient opportunity to upskill your capabilities while remaining at your home. Third, you can earn more if you provide your services autonomously in the community as a business. Fourth, get a Bachelor’s of nursing degree if you want higher pays in the future. Remember, your free time after the job is an opportunity to upskill and make your time valuable for you. Get going, and have a great day.

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