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5 Reasons to Use Metal Restaurant Chairs

When you are furnishing a restaurant you have the choice of several materials for the tables and chairs. You could get wooden, metal, resin, or plastic restaurant chairs. Metal restaurant chairs can be a style choice or a practical choice, they can also be a choice made because of your budget. Metal chairs can be timeless, and provide flexibility for your seating. You might not know how many different options there are today for metal seating, but these days there are endless options and often you won’t even know that a chair is made of metal. For example, there are metal chair frames that look like bamboo, as well as metal seats and backrests that look like rattan. So, before ruling out metal restaurant chairs, why not take a look at the available options.

  • Metal Restaurant Chairs for Style

Metal chairs are perfect for industrial-style restaurants or restaurants with a steampunk theme. But they are also great when you are trying to create a certain mood or atmosphere in your space. Metal chairs come in a vast variety of styles, from simple classic designs to sophisticated designs. Metal is easy to mold and craft into elegant curved shapes and it can be given sharp lines or soft contours. The seat and backrest can be curved to add comfort. If you want to add color metal chairs can be painted or given a protective finish in a metallic or bright color. You also have the option to combine a metal frame with a padded seat or wooden elements like wooden seats and backrests. Aluminum can be made to look like bamboo and form the frame of a rattan patio chair. You can also have a sleek black aluminum chair frame with a plastic wooden seat. And as most restaurant tables have metal elements your chairs can match the tables. 

  • Metal Chairs Are Durable

If your primary concern is durability then metal chairs are your best option. Metal is extremely resilient; it can outlast chairs made of wood or plastic. Wear and tear will not show on metal chairs as quickly as it will with upholstered or wooden chairs. It is much easier for wooden chairs to get chipped than it is for metal to get damaged. If you buy good quality metal restaurant chairs then the joints will be welded and reinforced making them sturdy and even longer lasting. Even when metal chairs are lightweight they are still highly durable. 

  • Metal Chairs Are Easy to Maintain

To keep metal chairs clean all you have to do is wipe them down with a wet soapy cloth at the end of the day. By nature, metal will not show stains. Some types of metal may require that you fully dry the chairs after wiping them down otherwise they can show water marks. But as far as keeping them clean and looking new, metal is your best bet. Consider the alternative, wooden chairs that get nicked and chipped and have food ingrained in them or upholstered chairs that get scratched, torn, and ripped. Whether your metal chairs are used indoors or outdoors they will be easy to wipe down at the end of the day and be ready for use.

  • Metal Chairs for Outdoor Seating

If your restaurant has outdoor seating then metal chairs are the answer. Metal chairs will not rot like wooden chairs, and they won’t show weather damage like plastic furniture. Quality metal chairs can endure the weather and won’t fade or show damage from UV rays. You might be wondering if rust will be a problem with metal furniture outdoors? Well, if the metal is aluminum it will be durable and last even if it is kept outdoors in all types of weather. You can also get furniture made from other types of metal that have been treated to make it rust-resistant, and waterproof. Galvanized steel, stainless steel, and cast iron (when treated with a protective layer of carbonized oil) also do not rust.

  • Metal Chairs Can Be Lightweight and Stackable

Commercial metal restaurant chairs come in various shapes and sizes, but many options are incredibly lightweight. This means that they can be rearranged, and moved easily. In restaurants, you often need to rearrange the chairs to accommodate customers who want to sit together.  You might even want to move your restaurant furniture from inside to outside depending on the weather. In these cases, metal chairs are an excellent choice because they are lightweight and often stackable.

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