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5 Spa-Like Shower Room Ideas That Can Light Up Your Moods Instantly

Show your shower room some love with five ideas, and you know for sure that to get an instant boost whenever you shower –

Replace your old tub with a stylish walk-in shower

The beauty of a walk-in shower over a traditional one is that it’s easy to clean and perfectly accessible if you add a bench or a seat and grab rails. All in all, a walk-in shower makes bathing easy and is a great way to give your bathroom a modern style boost. It’s more functional and more practical for smaller spaces. Furthermore, these days, it takes only a day to install a walk-in shower, and best of all, you can add some cool, innovative accessories.

Add aromatherapy or music showerhead to unwind

innovative showerhead, for example, aromatherapy shower head. These showerheads use a unique filtration system to distribute essential fragrance oil with the water and create a spa-like experience to unwind and relax. That’s why we feel it is so vital to replace the old tub with a  genius new shower unit. Add a heated floor and get a wireless speaker shower head to bring your favorite music while bathing. The music shower head is like raining music – a perfect way to rejuvenate your mind.

Create a spa-like atmosphere by adding pampering touches

Take inspiration from hotel bathrooms and add pampering items into your shower room. But, remember, a spa-like bathroom must be clutter-free, and so, perhaps it is time to remove the things you don’t want.  Choose all-botanical pampering items, and don’t forget about stacking in bath bombs. Scented candles, especially those that come with mint or ocean breeze flavors, can uplift your mood.

As mentioned above, you need to keep your bathroom clutter-free and create a spa corner – a shelf where you can fold and stack a set of fluffy towels and put the candles at the top. This will not only create a visual appeal but also make the room more functional. The fluffy towels are some of the things that turns a simple shower room into a spa-worthy cozy one and elude a pampering feel just by looking at it.

Add greenery- a sense of nature.

Adding greenery such as potted orchids is an excellent idea as these are shed-loving plants, need moisture to grow, and add a refreshing flair. If you don’t want the hassles of maintaining, then go for the potted faux plant to spruce up. Another cool way to add a sense of nature is to select a nature-inspired bathroom wallpaper. Choose palm or banana leaf wallpaper 3D waterfall bathroom prints for your walk-in shower.

Add mood-boosting light

Take advantage of glowing 5 to 8 segment color wheel bathroom lights or add glowing strands of optical fiber to your glass tiles that will illuminate the space. When choosing shower room mood lights, you can never go out of options but make sure to keep daylight your top priority and pairing your bathroom with adequate ventilation.


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