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6 High-Paying Side Jobs That Can Make You Rich

Having a stable job at reputable companies in finance, manufacturing, and telecom like Cox cable has great future prospects. However, this does not mean you can’t take up side gigs to earn some extra bucks. After all, who doesn’t like extra cash? It can help you pay off a student loan, save for a vacation, or simply build a fund for bad times. Earning good money through side jobs is a great way to achieve your goal, whatever that may be. But for that, you need to know the kind of opportunities you should look out for.

Below are some of the best high-paying side jobs that can make you rich sooner than you’d imagine.

#1. Online Tutoring

Online tutoring is a very convenient side job. You have the freedom to set the timings and frequency of your sessions. This means you can choose to have as many or as few tutoring sessions as you want. This makes it an easy side project to handle.

Students of all ages and countries are your potential customers. And you can organize your lectures on a variety of subjects. For example, you could give foreign language sessions to English-speaking students and vice versa. Once you establish a reputation as an online tutor, you can earn around $100 per hour. And if you don’t already have students, you can sign up with online platforms like Varsity Tutors and Wyzant to book candidates.

#2. Provide Online Digital Marketing Services

If you have some experience and know-how of digital marketing, freelancing may be a good option for you. You can promote yourself via websites such as Upwork and Fivver. Prospective clients can see your portfolio on these platforms. It can contain the copywriting and web development work you’ve done. Based on that, they can approach you for projects. Such platforms give you the flexibility to choose your clients, projects, and charges. However, you may be required to meet tight deadlines at times. But if the client is willing to pay a good enough amount for the job, why not?

#3. Write an eBook

You can generate a good passive income by writing an ebook. You can also publish a print-on-demand paperback. Platforms such as CreateSpace and KDP let you create and sell ebooks easily. The best part is that it does not cost you anything. You can publish the paperback after you know the e-version is doing well. This would earn you good money and you wouldn’t even have to go through the hassle of gaining approvals for publishing.

#4. City Guide Writer

If you’re a good writer and know your city well, you could become a part-time city guide writer. Tourism and real estate businesses are often looking for local writers to craft interesting and attractive city/neighborhood guides. The job is fun and easy, provided you have the knowledge for it. As a city guide wirer, you should provide an interesting local perspective on the city, its history, and culture. You should also be able to give insider tips about shopping, entertainment, and transportation. A good city guide writer can earn up to $40 to $500 per project.

#5. Fashion Consultant

Fashionistas who are always updated about current trends can take up fashion consultancy as a side gig. High-end clients/shoppers are willing to pay hundreds of dollars for fashion advice/help. At times, they even give their stylists the go-ahead to buy entire wardrobes for various seasons.

However, to excel in the field, you need to work closely with your clients. This would help you learn about their personalities, preferences, and style goals. You would therefore be in a better position to guide them accordingly. If you can make your client feel look by looking good and stylish, they’ll be more than happy to splurge on your fee. Savvy stylists can earn a very amount of money ($50 to $500 per hour) for their work.

#6. Senior Accountant

Accounting gigs can also make you earn a lot of money. The job typically requires you to prepare audits and statements, document transactions, and perform end-of-month tasks. If you have around five years of experience in the field you can charge a good fee for such assignments. A reputable senior accountant can earn up to $45 an hour or more.


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