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7 Technologies That Improve Business Security

There are many established methods to protect what is most precious to you. For personal circumstances, you may safeguard your belongings in a safe somewhere in your home. If you run a business, you know all too well about how vital it is to secure your assets.

Some of these assets can come in a digitized form, meaning you will have to take a look at the right security measures. Cybercriminals are always on the prowl to exploit vulnerabilities in a potential system, after all. Thankfully, many of the most commonly used technologies are easy to get your hands on.

Here are seven technologies that can improve business security.

1. Network Security 

It might seem obvious, especially because it is so widespread today, but network security is of the utmost importance. Generally speaking, your Wi-Fi router should be outfitted with the correct technology in terms of overall security. If not, a hacker may use this as a means to get into your networks.

Wi-Fi Protected Access is one of the best technologies you can use in this regard. It is the most current and up-to-date security feature to protect your networks. Moreover, always turn off these connections when they are not in use. This prevents outside threats from gaining 24/7 access.

2. Protecting the Browser 

Our internet browsers can come about in various formats, but all have installed initial security protocols. However, just because your favourite browser is considered safe doesn’t mean it is impervious. To make things better on your end, make sure all browsers are up-to-date.

Automatic updates should not be ignored, and you should make sure your systems are bolstered when possible. For those who use browsers for business operations, use passwords to further boost the security present on the system. Remember your passwords by writing them down on a document and storing it somewhere safe!

3. Threat Detection Platform 

In today’s business landscape, large amounts of data are constantly moving. Not only that, but they can be stored in servers of comparable size. The entire network needs to be properly safeguarded, as one weakness to be discovered can result in stolen property. Fortunately, threat detection platforms are the way to go.

threat detection platform is powered by artificial intelligence, which serves as its foundation. Any suspicious behaviour near the system will pop up as a red flag to be analyzed later. The user will be promptly notified whether the activity is a false flag or dangerous. That way, you can have peace of mind when it comes to protecting your assets.

4. Firewalls 

While installing various security software is a great method to implement, none can be better than a firewall. Generally speaking, viruses, and other malware can easily infect your systems with ease. Once this occurs, it will make matters a whole lot more difficult. Firewalls act as a digital wall of sorts in essence.

This prevents threats from gaining access to your particular systems by blocking them outright. All of your systems require this kind of buffer zone to make sure your sensitive data is not breached. There is no better way to combat threats than by pre-emptively stopping them in their tracks!

5. Data Backup Systems 

Sometimes, the worst possible circumstances may occur, and your data may be breached. Should this occur to you, you may wake up to find that all of your assets have been lost. To counteract this potentially drastic scenario, always use backups. This can come in the form of data loss prevention, which protects your data in more ways than one.

It’s more than just ensuring you have the right copies of your data behind you. These types of technology will also monitor attachments that get emailed to you. There could be malicious intent behind a particular email or message in some cases. These systems warn you, just in case!

6. Event Management Tech 

For those who run a larger business, making sure all of your employees are protected can be challenging. That is why having the right event management technology will be vital. These tools help monitor an organization’s network to ensure that nothing malicious occurs.

7. Physical Technology 

Digital technology will improve your company’s security, especially in our current day and age. However, don’t discount physical security measures either, as they can be just as practical to use daily. By using a combination of both digital and physical security, your company will be safeguarded for the years to come!

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