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All about Seoul Stars

The gaming industry is experiencing an increase in cryptocurrency games powered by blockchain. In the first half of 2021, cryptographic gaming companies concluded contracts worth more than $ 478 million.


The video game industry is going through a period of impressive growth, fueled by pandemic-induced blockades, which have forced people to find new ways to spend time at home. 


However, the novelty in the crypto world is that these games are not just for gaming, but you can also earn a few dollars more through them, 서울스타즈 NFT.


NFT games and how does it work?


NFT comes from non-fungible tokens, which are unique digital collections that are traded on the blockchain. In cryptographic games, NFTs can represent consumables, characters, and any other tradable assets. 


Users can sell their NFTs and games to their peers and earn chips using play and win pads. NFT games have evolved by offering play to earn models, along with collecting cute digital animals. This model offers users the opportunity to earn while playing a particular crypto game.


A decentralized system is innovation, the system is independent, it does not depend on any government, corporation, bank or individual. The computers are connected and every change in the transaction is recorded on the blockchain, and each is easily verifiable.


NFTs have their certificate of ownership. NFT can be anything digital, from art or audio and video to a set of textures that form a costume in a game. Your imagination is just the limit when it comes to NFT.


Play to Earn


Publishers are drawn to the idea of ​​selling NFTs to players, creating digital assets, and then making money from every rare item transaction among players.


The idea came from the idea of ​​making money while playing a game. A player in play-to-earn games makes money by trading NFTs, i.e. by selling his ownership of digital content in the game. 


There are other ways to make money, such as renting or investing in digital content. The longer a particular game is played, the higher the earnings. 


Of course, we have to point out that certain play-to-earn games have a high entry fee – you’ll have to pay a few hundred dollars to get started playing. 


The player is always the owner of the NFT and that ownership extends beyond the game itself. The game does not have to exist for a player to own NFT.


Everything about Seoul Stars


Seoul Stars is one of the NFT crypto games that have conquered the world. In addition to being able to play, while playing you can also make money. 


Seoul Stars will have a collection of 10 00 unique and limited NFT illustrations created thanks to Korean artist SONGBLY84.


These NFTs represent Yuna – Yuna will be the most important virtual K-Pop artist. Yuni will have songs, challenge albums, lead metaverse concerts, and will have own blockchain game in which fans will be rewarded with $ STARR tokens for playing. 


2,500 were sold in the first wave. Seoul Stars is an online game that serves for fun, dancing and singing, and is otherwise called a karaoke game.


We can see in the end that Yuna is becoming a realistic 3D virtual idol, which will be presented in all media in real life and in metaverses. Renowned music producer Tommy Lee, is in charge of composing music, and works with the big and influential K-Pop.


Seoul Stars is an online game that serves for dancing, and singing, and is called a karaoke game.


If you want to have fun and make some money, get in the game!

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