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Amazing health benefits of using an air purifier for babies

Newborn babies are very delicate and to keep them in a pollution free environment is absolutely quintessential for their optimal health. As the concentration of airborne pollutants is increasing at an alarming rate, to keep the air inside your home is quite difficult. So, one can definitely take the help of air purifiers for keeping their indoors clean and free from impurities dust particles and other pollutants.

Undoubtedly, there are several health benefits for using an air purifier, especially for babies which we are going to discuss below. The top 8 air purifier benefits for babies are discussed as follows:

1. It enhances the mood of your baby

You must have experienced a different kind of frustration or irritation as soon as you smell something unpleasant such as smoke or any contaminated air. Babies are no exception to this. Being adults, we somehow handle ourselves in such unpleasant situations but babies cannot bear such situations.

Installing an air purifier at your home will make air free from any contamination. Thus, it will enhance the positive mood of your baby for a longer period of time. Hence, you may further carry on with your household chores peacefully without any distractions and unnecessary inconvenience of handling your crying baby.

2. It helps in protecting baby from skin allergies

Infants are born with delicate skin and any small pollutant or dust particle could infect them and affect them in adverse ways. Infants are reported to be more prone to allergies due to the huge variety of allergic substances such as dust particles, strong smell, asbestos, dander, insects, bed mites, etc. When an infant is exposed to these allergens, the body immediately reacts and hypersensitivity occurs. This leads to skin rashes, red patches on the skin, irritability in eyes and skin which can lead to the great discomfort of the baby. Air purifiers help in the maintenance of a clean and safe home environment of the baby.

3. It enhances the quality of sleep for your baby

The average sleep duration of a normal child is 13 hours. Hence, you have to make sure that the baby gets adequate sleep at the home under favorable conditions. Even when nobody in your home environment smokes, still, there are other elements and components that can cause harmful particles in the air such as cooling air conditioners, refrigerator, cleaning equipment etc.

Air purifiers aid in the cleansing of air and helps in enhancing the sleep quality for the baby. Adequate and efficient sleep helps in elevating the growth rate and overall development of the child. It also helps in preventing various sleep disorders such as snoring and sleep apnea.

4. It helps in preventing the baby from pneumonia

The air which is polluted contains a lot of microorganisms such as harmful bacteria. One of the types of bacteria present in polluted air can cause pneumonia if inhaled. When this contaminated air is inhaled continuously, then it may worsen the situation and it can be fatal for the baby. Air purifiers are very beneficial in such circumstances as it helps in preventing your child from acquiring pneumonia.

5. It helps in preventing the risk of acquiring cardiovascular diseases

Cardiovascular diseases also refer to as heart-related diseases are serious medical conditions which are very much related to air pollution. The symptoms of these diseases are manifested in the form of clot formation in the blood, constrictions in blood vessels and other structural deformities in the heart.

The heart is full of blood vessels and if the polluted air starts irritating the lungs, then the infection spreads to the blood vessels which surrounds the heart region. For a child, it can lead to a very dangerous health condition as a result of persistent exposure to the contaminated air.

With the help of air purifier, one can avoid this exposure to polluted air and hence it may lead to preventing cardiovascular diseases for your baby as well as other family members.

6. It enhances the functioning of the immune system of your child

The inhalation of clean and fresh air boosts the functioning of the immune system by increasing its efficiency. In contradiction, those babies who are exposed to polluted air more frequently tend to have lower immunity. Such babies are more prone to suffer from bacterial and viral infections such as common cold, flu, influenza, and allergies.

Those pregnant ladies who stay in the polluted environment are at a higher risk of giving birth to babies having lower immunity. Therefore, it is important to inhale clean air and you can ensure this by installing air purifiers at your home.

7. It also decreases the likelihood of your child suffering from autism

Since a long time, no perfect cause of autism has been reported. However, the occurrence of autism has got something to do with air pollution. It has been reported that those pregnant ladies who inhale an excessively high amount of fine particulate pollutants, especially at the later stages of pregnancy, are two to three times more likely to develop autism.

On the other hand, those pregnant ladies who inhale fresh and clean air free from any pollutants are more likely to give birth to healthy newborns. So, without taking any risk, one should guarantee their optimum health by using air purifiers.

8. It helps in preventing the risk of getting cancer

The susceptibility of getting cancer is quite high in kids and infants. One of the most leading causes of getting lung cancer is the inhalation of cigarette smoke and tobacco particles due to the presence of nicotine. It is because the respiratory system and immune system of the infants are underdeveloped. An air purifier can reduce the risk because it traps the tobacco particles and cigarette smoke, thus ensuring that you breathe fresh air.


Hence, these are the top 8 amazing health benefits of air purifiers for babies. One should install air purifiers in their home environment to keep babies and kids safe. However, as we know that all babies are very delicate, one should also consider their medical health professionals or paediatricians regarding the installation of air purifiers and which one would be the safest option to choose.

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