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Are You In A Wheelchair? These Tips Will Help You Walk Around With Minimal Assistance

“Wheelchair” – after hearing this word, we can easily imagine a chair with wheels. People who are unable to walk because of any kind of injury or disability use wheelchairs. A wheelchair is made with a seat, stepstool, and wheels. There are two small wheels in the front part, and the other two wheels are big in the back part of the chair.  Are You in a Wheelchair? These Tips Will Help You Walk Around with Minimal Assistance.

Before that, let’s know about different types of wheelchairs.

Moving with a Wheelchair at Home

When one is in a wheelchair then, they must need proper preparation to move around with it at home. It needed to make sure that there would be no furniture on the floor. The pathways should always be clean to prevent any kind of accident. Also, we can adjust pieces of furniture to create more space at home.

We can install a pneumatic vacuum elevator for some homes with stairs. It is one kind of elevator that operates by using air pressure. It doesn’t need any extra wires. Wheelchair users can easily use it without any hassle. Also, we use non-slippery mats to be extra careful.

Things to Know Before Using a Wheelchair

1. Ways to Balance the Center of Gravity

It is complicated to maintain the center of gravity for first-time wheelchair users. While doing any movement by sitting in a wheelchair changes the weight distribution and gravity of the wheelchair. That’s why one should use the caster wheels before bending backward or forward to maintain balance and stability. Before using the wheelchair independently, one should practice his/her safety limits in front of another person. That will help the user to use the wheelchair by himself.

2. Ways to Bending Forward 

It is a precarious position for any wheelchair user. Before bending forward, the user must extend the caster wheels away from the drive wheels and lock them properly. Then bend forward and reach for the object. Otherwise, any kind of accident may occur.

3. Ways to Bending Backward

Before bending backward to take any object, the user must be as nearer as possible to the object. But bending backward with the wheelchair will be a wrong decision. Because of this, the user may fall on the ground with the wheelchair.

4. How to Tip the Wheelchair?

Before tipping the wheelchair, the user must need a helper who holds the wheelchair from the back. The helper needs to bend back before tipping for more stability. The helper’s fet and hands must stay away from the pinch points.

5. How to Move Through Limitations?

Wheelchair users need help from another person before moving through any curbs to maintain their own safety. Any kind of limitations for movement (Curbs, steps, or stairways) are very risky for wheelchair users.

6. Ways to Prevent Accidents

Falling from wheelchairs is one of the most common accidents for wheelchair users. These accidents may occur from slippery surfaces, not using the brakes, unstable sitting, imbalance movement on the wheelchair, etc. To avoid this the user must be cautious about the surface and movement of the wheelchair.

Variations of Wheelchairs

There are various types of wheelchairs. They are:

1. Manual Wheelchairs

This chair has to be operated by the user’s hand. Users can move it by holding the big wheels of the back part and pushing them forward, backward, and vice versa. Also, someone can help by pushing the wheelchair. That’s why this chair has two small handles behind it. It is also light in weight and easily foldable. It is very easy to carry in vehicles by folding it.

2. Pediatric Wheelchairs

It is specially made for children. It looks like other manuals, powered or specialized wheelchairs. The main difference is in size. Mainly the children who suffer from movement disorders should use specialized pediatric wheelchairs. It helps the children move easily.

3. Sports Wheelchairs

These types of wheelchairs are specially designed for players of tennis, rugby, basketball, racing, etc. These chairs are made in different shapes and sizes. Most of them are manual also. People who use wheelchairs can get many opportunities in the sports sector with this type of sports wheelchair. The standard sports wheelchair are outwardly angled. It helps the players for better movement of the upper part of the body. It also helps to keep balance in the chair during playing.

4. Standing Power Wheelchairs

This chair helps the user move comfortably to the standing position. Standing power wheelchairs have more health benefits than others. It also allows users to stand and move easily from one place to another with a motorized machine.

5. Powered Wheelchairs

It is one kind of battery-operated electric wheelchair. It solves the problems that people may face in manual wheelchairs. Users can use it more confidently and not become tired, whereas the manuals are difficult to use independently. These chairs are heavy, and it has a battery and motor for perfect movement.

6. Positioning Wheelchairs

It also has a battery and electric power for movement, but it can be positioned. That means in this type of chair, users can move in many different positions. This chair has many health benefits. The user can adjust his leg position or upper body part through this.

7. All-Terrain Wheelchairs

These chairs have various kinds of shapes and styles. It is also beneficial for traveling anywhere easily. It has large wheels that help balance on jerky or patchy ground during travel. It is very large and heavy, so it is difficult to carry in any transport.


In conclusion, one can quickly improve his/her movement process independently by using a wheelchair. But it takes some time to learn the process of using wheelchairs properly due to the many safety issues. With proper knowledge and training, one can easily use a wheelchair with less risk.

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