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Are You Using These Top Digital Marketing Tools? – Find Out

In the progressing world of automation, digital marketing is no exception. There are multiple digital marketing tools available today which make the job much easier, faster, and accurate. They help you automate your tasks which saves a lot of time and effort.

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In this article, we’re going to give you a roundup of the top 5 digital marketing tools that every marketer must use for enhancing their daily tasks in digital marketing that will ultimately enhance your strategies.

1. Mail Chimp

Email marketing is still one of the best digital marketing channels for promotional communication. With increasing audiences, it has started getting difficult to manage mailing lists and campaigns on a regular basis.

To make this a seamless process, Mail Chimp is one of the top-rated email marketing automation tools that almost every marketer in the industry uses. This tool allows you to segment and manage different types of email marketing audiences.

You can now have customized email copies with personalization points for each of these audiences and schedule them months in advance. You can also set emails on triggers, ie, an email will be sent out automatically to all those people who take a particular action.

It is an excellent tool to enhance your email marketing game + make it easier for your business to manage it all at once. Train in Mailchimp here by enrolling in this online email marketing course.

2. Google Search Console

Having a website is no longer an advantage for a company. It has become a necessity now. So we’re pretty sure you have an up & running website.

Moving on, how would you track all the search terms that people use to come on your website? The number of impressions & clicks too. The answer is GSC. Google’s this tool is a savior in disguise. Being the largest search engine, most people use Google for everything. Hence, it is important to find out the behavior of users on this platform.

GSC gives you data for each web page and the metrics are – impressions, clicks, CTR, average position, etc. Further, you can also find out the search queries used, device, country, and more.

It’s a great tool to understand how people are landing on your website and what more you can do to optimize your website.

3. Google Analytics

Another bang-on tool by Google, GA is the ultimate tool you can use to track everything that happens on your website once a user has landed as well as track all your advertising campaigns/tracking needs. It is a free tool that generates tons of reports around various metrics.

First, let’s see how it helps you with on-page tracking. You can find out the number of visitors on each web page, the time spent on the page, its bounce rate, where the user navigates from it, etc. You also get real-time data.

Secondly, if you add UTM parameters to all your landing pages of ads, you can track the exact number of people who clicked on the ad, landed on the page, their behavior, and more. These are just the basics of Google Analytics.

The number of features it comes with is impossible to cover in this guide. Learn Google Analytics if you wish to train in all the aspects and start using it for your business or work as a web analyst for a company.

4. Ahrefs

Competitor analysis is the heart of any digital marketing department because the competition is growing really fast. A top way to do that is by using Ahrefs. This tool gives you a detailed analysis of any website on the Internet. One of the best purposes is to study a third-party website if you’re planning to collaborate with them.

Google is very quick to penalize you if you’re joining hands with a website that is not credible enough or mainly if their spam score is really high. Hence, this tool comes in handy. Secondly, if you want to take over your competitor’s website or particular web pages, you can actively find out the exact pages that rank, on which keywords, etc.

This helps you replicate the strategy and make it better. Apart from that, Ahrefs also has a feature called the Content Explorer which allows you to find out all the web pages existing for a particular keyword/search term. This data can be used in multiple ways.

5. Sprout Social

Every company is on its toes today when it comes to responding to the comments that come on their social media handles or replying back to the emails. But guess what, that’s not enough. There are many situations where people might be talking about your company without directing it to you. For example, they might have shared their experience with you but not tagged your handle.

It’s equally important to find out about such conversations to understand user experience & behavior. Sprout Social is a great social listening tool that tells you about such conversations. It could also be random news coverage without your knowledge.

If you want to learn more about your target audiences to enhance your campaigns better, social listening is a great way. Also, if there’s a negative review making rounds without your notice, this tool will help you manage your online reputation.

To end,

Digital marketing tools might get overwhelming when you’re setting up and exploring them, but once you’re set, there’s no other way you would want to do it.

Here’s an online digital marketing course you can opt for if you want to learn all the important digital marketing tools as well as how to strategize.

Let us know if there’s any particular tool that’s your favorite in the comments below!

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