Astrological Insights: Learn About the Different Diseases Associated with Planets and a Few Remedies

In earlier days also, people would face diseases and suffer. But the rate of ailments and consequent numbers of death has significantly increased. A disciplined person with a healthy diet and exercise is also not immune. And this can be surprising to others who know the type of disciplinarian they have been throughout their life. Why does this happen? Of course, pollution and the use of chemicals everywhere are the culprits. However, don’t you feel there are other reasons also? If you believe in astrology, you will know it contains most of the answers and solutions.

The busy schedules and modern lifestyle can keep you away from this. Still, when you face difficulties, you think of taking an astrologer’s help to decode your life’s complexities. A well-read astrologer in Delhi┬ácan help for sure. Before this, let’s talk about health and diseases. It’s interesting to find out which planet can be responsible for your particular medical condition. Or, you may be curious to know if astrology can guide people to cope with their diseases.

Planets and associated diseases

If someone in your family falls sick repeatedly or nothing works on your medical condition, you should speak to an astrologer. Planets impact every aspect of your life, including your well-being. When they change their position, you can sense the effect of the same on your mental, physical, and emotional health. For instance, the specific location of the sun in your native chart can cause stomach, neurological, eye, bone, head, and other ailments. A person can also have epilepsy, leprosy, loss of immunity, etc. Moon-borne diseases affect the left eye, lungs, and heart. A person can face insomnia, asthma, stress, kidney problem, diabetes, cough, jaundice, anemia, and many other conditions. Due to Mars or Mangal dosh, issues like blood pressure, ulcer, cancer, tumor, loose motions, and heat-related ailments may manifest.

The position of Jupiter in your birth chart can reveal if there is a risk of any disease, such as diabetes, jaundice, liver disorder, marrow defect, obesity, brain disorder, or others. If someone faces Saturn’s condition, different medical conditions can emerge, such as indigestion, asthma, skin or dental disorder, paralysis, nervous disorder, weak physical health, and more. Likewise, when someone faces Rahu dosh, they can fall from a height or experience physical pain emanating from a brain disorder, fever, leprosy, cancer, etc. Smallpox and liver disease can also occur.

Remedies for planet-borne diseases

Look at the sun for five minutes every day. If the sun’s position in your birth chart is responsible, you can benefit by feeding needy people who are sick. Offer water to God Sun in the morning. You may also have to do a shanti puja to please God. For Mars-borne diseases, you can visit temples on Tuesdays and distribute sweets. You can also give bananas to monkeys. Carrying a red hanky or a small red cloth can also help. Likewise, if you are suffering from a health problem because of the inevitable position of Saturn in your chart, you can find a black dog and feed it daily.

These are generic suggestions. Only an expert astrologer can guide you on the best path based on your birth chart and other calculations.

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