Be Bold – Wear a Tie Dye T Shirt

While wearing neutral colors can sometimes save you a lot of time choosing the right items to create an outfit, wearing bold colors can make you feel unique and more noticeable in a crowd. If you do not feel confident enough to pull off bold shades, you can go for a pastel palette of colors. The tie dye method has conquered the souls of many people worldwide. This summer vibe style of wearing colored items in different psychedelic patterns has been trending for a while now, and it is still the primary choice of style for the summer. Creating a tie dye t shirt is not a complicated process, but if you do not want to do it yourself, you can find amazing and professionally done shirts by Colortone.

Summer Vibes

Before summer arrives, almost everyone starts lifting the heavy spirits burdened by winter’s cold. While the days begin to get longer, the energy levels rise. As soon as the summer’s presence starts to show up, everybody is thinking about heat and how to avoid it or enjoy it while spending some days at the beach. Moods are improving, and the need to wear larger fits and brighter colors appear.
The 60s have set the example of how people can continuously live life in a summer mood. Back then, the colors used in the clothing lines were so full of energy and bright intensity that people seemed happier wearing them. There were fewer combinations available regarding outfits and fashion, which made things so much easier. Bold colors were trending, people were having a lot of fun, and they seemed to be enjoying life to the fullest.

Colortone is a brand that creates a specific shirt type called tie dye t shirt. This style is inspired by the hippie summertime look people developed back in the day. With its particular psychedelic pattern and a vast range of colors, this brand intends to put people in the right summer vibe and remind everyone how colorful life should be.

Color Psychology

Color is a vital communication tool that can be used to express yourself, can influence someone’s mood, and even cause psychological reactions. The studies of how colors are in relation to human behaviors have shown that people who wear dull and neutral colors tend to be calm and quiet individuals who do not like standing out as much. In contrast, strong and vibrant colors are more likely to be worn by adventurous and sophisticated individuals. Every color has particularities when it comes to characterizing someone. Here is how:

  • Red – attention, energy, passion, action, and danger.
  • Orange – creativity, enthusiasm, balance, adventure.
  • Yellow – happiness, optimism, and positivity
  • Pink – femininity, unconditional love, and playfulness
  • Green – growth, health, wealth, and generosity.
  • Blue – harmony, stability, peace, and calm.
  • Purple – royalty, luxury, nobility, and power.
  • White – innocence, kindness, and purity
  • Black – power, sophistication, elegance, and mystery.
  • Grey – balance and equilibrium and neutrality.
  • Brown – security, comfort, in connection to nature.

Strong Personalities Wear a Tie Dye T Shirt

People who like and wear bright, bold colors have proven to be individuals possessing strong personality traits. One of the characteristics of having a strong personality is being attracted to the idea of standing out in a crowd and being the center of attention. Mostly extroverts have the confidence and power to extend their dynamism by putting on colors based on their mood that day.

A tie dye t shirt may not always be colored using more hues, but its dying style always turns out in a psychedelic pattern. Depending on how it has been tied up before dying, its design can be a swirl, stripes, or the mirror effect. Bold, daring, fun people tend to invest in such a style to avoid being ordinary and keep their outfits trending. A little color in an eye-catching pattern can go the extra mile to brighten someone’s day and remind them that life is full of colors and so are humans.

DYI or Buy

If you wonder whether to buy a tie dye t shirt or start making one, the answer is clear. If you are bored and want to have a little fun doing something productive while saving some stained shirts you do not want to throw away, you can start looking a little into how the process of tie-dying works. Most people say they had a lot of fun doing it themselves and are extremely happy with the outcome. After seeing how well it can turn out, the satisfaction you can get is more appreciated than going and buying an item that you know you could have done it. But in case you do not want to or do not have a couple of hours to do it and you want to approach the tie dye style, you can check out Colortone to see their products. If you wish to do it yourself or buy it, this particular fun style is worth trying this summer to remind you that life is vibrant and should be lived that way.

About Colortone

As the name hints, the Colortone brand focuses on creating fabulous clothing items using bright, intense, eye-catching colors to make an individual stand out while influencing moods in a fun and happy direction. Manufacturing and selling top-notch quality clothing products, this brand has made many customers happy and content with their purchases. In spite of their high-quality fabrics and professional dye, they do not overcharge their items, making them affordable for most individuals. Some online platforms offer the possibility of buying Colortone products in bulk, which can help you save a great deal of money and time if you want to supply yourself with this style throughout the entire summer. From the comfort of your home, you can place your order while benefiting from many advantages. Great price deals, discounts, and fast deliveries can help you become a satisfied customer.

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