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Benefits of Adding Ecommerce To Your Blog And Selling Products To Your Readers

A blog is a repository of well written content that you update regularly. In most cases blogs have a personal tone, unlike a shopping cart or a retail website. This is the inherent strength of a blog as it helps to connect with your audience better. Even if you are blogging for your passion, it certainly makes sense to monetize your blog following. You can start selling products, designs and ideas through your blog. It is, in fact, easy for you as a blogger to add ecommerce to your blog as you already have a bunch of loyal subscribers and followers. However, if you have not started blogging yet, you can start with the aim of monetizing your blogging skills. What you need to do is starting out with a strategy.

Why People Engage In Blog

People engage in blogging for different reasons. Some like sharing their passion about things (say book reviews, fashion trends, technology or recipes) or opinions (poetry, stories, philosophy). Some others may be influencers who like sharing glimpses of their lives with others. There are some who like sharing their niche skills in cooking, repairing things etc with others. There is a completely different breed of people who start out with the motive of selling products or service or build an email list with the ultimate aim of targeting their subscribers for selling stuff to them. Selling products through your blog once you have built a loyal fan following is a great way to monetize. In order to make the most out of it, you need to have the following in place:

Consistency And Regularity

To sell stuff through your blog, you need to be consistent with your content and also update the blog with interesting content regularly. This will keep your audience engaged to the blog. You need to consistently publish weekly or monthly. This will keep your fan following intact. Don’t lose the focus on publishing once you add a shopping cart – your content is king and that’s the main reason people are visiting your site. This is something you should never lose sight of.

Bring About An Obvious Way For The Audience To Buy Stuff

Making the visitors to your blog hunt for stuff to buy is not a good idea. You need to make shopping on your blog seamless, much like a professional shopping cart. If the visitor likes something they can buy on your blog, he or she must be enabled to buy it instantly. In fact, buying decisions are impulsive and you need to capitalize on such decisions of visitors by facilitating these purchases. It does not make sense to frustrate potential buyers in their search for products. In fact, you need to offer multiple ways to the visitor so that he/she can buy the stuff irrespective of the page or tab the user is in. A link like “Shop Now” or “Online Shop” on your blog is a good idea. It should take the visitor straight to the shopping cart.

Blog About Related Products

Either blog about related products or link only products related to your blog content. This ensures that the dedicated fan following for your blog can also take interest in the stuff sold on your shopping cart. If you are blogging on repairing electronic items and selling jewelry, you can hardly register any sale. If you are blogging not just as a passion, you need to change your approach. You need to sell only those products that are strongly relevant to the content you are publishing. This is because these products are more likely to resonate with the audience you have attracted, who clearly identify with the content you’ve already got.

Engage And Stay Active

You need to engage with your audience on a regular basis. This can be done by posting attractive or interesting blogs regularly, responding to their comments and having an active social media page.

Get The Ideal Market And The Ideal Posts

In order to sell your products, you need to decide on your ideal market and the ideal content for that market. If you are passionate about computer troubleshooting, you need to target a younger audience who like to learn. If you want to sell from this blog, the stuff you sell must be related to computers and accessories or other relevant stuff.

Uploading Images Does Not Serve The Purpose

If you are just posting the pictures of your products and hope that this will increase your sales, you are mistaken. You need to have proper content to drive traffic and then put up only relevant stuff for buying.

Add Ecommerce To Your Blog In Minutes With Shopify

With The Help Of Shopify Buy Button You Can Easily Make Your Blog A Shopping Cart

If you have ensured that all these blogging nuances are taken care of and have also decided on the products you want to sell, you are ready to add an ecommerce shopping cart to you blog. The Shopify Buy Button is a slick solution from online shopping builder Shopify that lets you add versatile ecommerce functionality to your WordPress/Blogger blog in minutes. Just place the Shopify Buy button in your WordPress blog and start selling. It is easy and you don’t need to do any extensive custom modification to your blog to get the shop up and running. The back-end is taken care of by Shopify and you can accept a variety of payment methods. Security is top notch, and all of this is at $9 a month!

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