Best Golf Cart Lift Kit


When it comes to purchasing a lift kit, the biggest consideration should be the wheel size. The wheel size determines much in terms of the functionality of your cart. The tires range from 20 inches upwards therefore you need a suitable height to accommodate your preferred wheel size. Using a Best golf cart lift kit will enable you to suspend your golf cart to accommodate those tire sizes that may not initially fit. The most common lift kit heights include; 3 inches, 4 inch and 6 inches. We have other heigh categories in the market however these are customized to accommodate most wheel sizes.

3” Lift Kits:

Whenever you think of adding 20” tires to your golf cart, these are the kits that should be given priority. As much as the suspension height is not that big, these lift kits will give your golf cart a good appearance. Moreover, the seats offer you the ability to add a rear seat since they are not that high. The 3’’ kits do not require any balancing. Those are unnecessary expenses that should be avoided.

4” Lift Kits:

These are popularly known as the economy kits. Not only are the lifts kits inexpensive but they are also very easy to install. The 4” height is perfect for using 20” tires. With this height, you cannot experience rubbing at any time.

6” Lift Kits:

The lift kits give a variety of options on the size of tires you can use. These are the most popular lift kits. Sometimes off-roading is necessary. the six-inch kit is suitable in rough and rigid terrains. In addition, having the ability to hold up to 23” tires, the kits enable you to cruise at a relatively higher speed.


When going into a store to get a golf cart lift kit, first consider your priorities. Currently, the economic situation across the world is hard therefore you need a product of a height that will give you value for your money. We usually advise a golf cart owner to take a 6” lift kit since it leaves your options wide open in terms of the wheel size

Frequently asked questions

Are golf lift kits universal?

The 6’’ are the only know universal kits. The kits can accommodate different brands of wheels.

How do I know the size lift on my cart?

To measure the height of your kit, you should simply take the height from the ground to the floorboard. In some cases, people consider the Centre of the spindle. 

Which company makes the best lift kits?

We have several carts manufacturers with a variety of customized lift kits.  However, we analyzed some of the most highly-rated brands in the market to ensure that you get a quality and efficient product. Some of the best manufactures include:

  1. Freedom Off-Road Performance Yamaha
  2. Club CarPrecedent 6″ A-Arm
  3. Drop Axle Lift Kitsfor EZGO
  4. Drop Axle EZGO
  5. Club CarPrecedent 6″ Double A-Arm


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