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Blue World City

Welcome to the Blue World City. This project is sponsored by the Blue Group of Companies and led by Saad Nadir, son of ex-deputy Commissioner Lahore (Ch. Nazir, in collaboration with Shan Jian Municipal Engineering (China). In 1989, the company was founded in Lahore. The Blue Group of Companies gained immense popularity with investors due to its outstanding services and architectural designs.

This is a great opportunity for those who want to have a home and a roof, and it’s affordable.

About The Blue Group of Companies

It was founded in 1989 in Lahore. It offered many services and won people’s trust through its honesty, creativity, and hard work.

It employs over 300 people in various departments today. The Blue Group of Companies has a variety of businesses, which include the following:

  • Blue bricks
  • Blue properties
  • Blue palms
  • Blue technologies
  • WPZBlue media
  • Mart blue
  • Square Brands
  • Artimmix

The success of Blue Group of Companies:

PIA cooperative society

Lahore Center Park

Blue sapphire

Blue mart, and

Blue technologies

Saad Nazir was a huge fan of all these projects.

What is Blue World City?

It is a housing project called blue city. It is located near the Rawalpindi Ring Road. It offers affordable installment plans and plots that can be purchased in a very short time.

Blue World City Waterfront District:

Blue World City Islamabad promises a vibrant community that combines serenity with luxury, beauty, and splash entertainment. Blue Group of Companies is also involved in Blue World City Waterfront Block. Waterfront offers the best residential and commercial properties in the capital, as well as a peaceful environment and high-tech technology. The main area of the community is linked to the twin cities, which is what makes it the best.

Blue World City Waterfront Block payment Plan:

Waterfront Block is the best place to invest. The block is still in its early stages of development, so buildings are relatively affordable.

The block offers a simple 4-year installment plan with 40 monthly installments to its investors. A 10% deposit and a 5% guarantee are required to book a property.

Blue World City Waterfront Block Lots

Additional Accommodation Blue World City Waterfront block:

The Blue World waterfront Block sites offer a range of sizes and areas that are suitable for luxury housing. Blue World City Waterfront Block’s main locations are at 6 Marla
12 Marla
18 Marla

These plots are to be had on a primary-come-first-served foundation. Sky marketing suggests that interested investors take advantage of this opportunity to invest in the magnificent mission of BWC.

Blue World City Waterfront Block Discount Offer

Blue World City Waterfront Block Colorful Place for Lives & Place. Blue World City Waterfront parcels now on sale at a discounted price! These properties are ideal for people who wish to live near nature. They have stunning views of the river, and are easy to access all the amenities in the city. Call today to learn more about this great opportunity!

Plot Size:

6 Marla
12 Marla
18 Marla

Enjoy our Blue World City Discounts – only available for a short time

Waterfront District Discount Payment Program

The Most Important Features of Blue World City:

Architecture and development in China

The Blue World City is built using state-of-the-art architectures and designs.

Budget-friendly options

The goal is to improve the living standards of the middle class to afford luxury. Project planning in Pakistan includes budgets that are affordable for the average earner.

Designed to house over 2,000,000 Chinese citizens who are coming to Pakistan to do CPEC work

The project initiation will be in collaboration with China. Another major purpose is to offer accommodation for the Chinese CPEC workers.

All construction and planning is done in accordance with international standards

The levels of international lifestyle ground are made possible by the use of Chinese technology.

Visions for improving Pakistan’s living standards

The Blue World City, as mentioned previously, aims to raise the living standards of the middle class in Pakistan to international standards while maintaining affordable budgets.

Water, Gas & Electricity

Blue World City Islamabad is located in a remote area. Since then, this region has been neglected and the associated for power, water, and gas are rarely granted. Although it was a difficult assignment, the representatives worked tirelessly and interminably for the financial specialists. They also provided gas and power to the residents so they could enjoy a peaceful life.

Replica of Blue Mosque at Turkey

Blue Mosque, Istanbul, Turkey, is a marvel of old-style engineering. It was built between 1609 and 1609 by Muslim originators. The Blue World City organizers were inspired to make an imitation of this magnificent mosque for the general public in order to restore Islamic values and culture in Pakistan. The replica of the Blue Mosque will be a landmark and attract many people to it after the Faisal Mosque. The mosque will speak to and complement the topic of Blue World City.

Schools & Colleges, Commercial Hubs, Schools & Colleges

With CPEC courses in close proximity, this business center will be a magnet for the general public. The business opportunities are permanent. This dynamite society’s ultimate strategy includes cutting-edge, modern business roads as well as high-require instructive offices in all areas for individuals.

The Biggest Water Theme Park in Pakistan

The park will include fun water rides, slides and wave pools, volcanic cascades, water surfing, and specially planned water pools for children under 18. The public is attempting to create the first International water subject in Pakistan.

Gated community

Blue World City is a highly secured and gated network. The public will not be allowed to enter the building if they are not approved. To add security, a safe limit divider will be placed around the public. To prevent unwanted guests or incidents, additional highlights such as face acknowledgment, key cards, and key cards, will be added to the public.

24/7 Security

Blue World City is committed to the safety of its residents and guests. An unrivalled security team will monitor and ensure the well-being of all its residents’ day in and out. To ensure a safe environment in the lodging community, CCTV cameras will be installed throughout the public. This will allow you to enjoy a luxurious pressure climate.

Sector and Jamia Mosques

Every area will have its own area mosques so that the residents of each area can easily supplicate and fulfill their strict obligations without any issues or significant voyaging. Jamia Mosques, which will be open to the public throughout the day for accommodation and the Jummah petitions of tenants and visitors, will be built in order to oblige people.

Wide Network of Carpeted Roads

The foundation is being built and the public has begun to chip away at it. These streets will be 40, 60 and 80 feet in width, respectively, and will also have solid walkways and pathways for pedestrians and cyclists.

Public Transport

To make it easier for residents to use the public arena, the interior organization of the public vehicle framework will be available to them.

Electric Power Plant

The authorities propose to introduce an electric force plant for the general public in order to eliminate heap-shedding. The society’s unique force plant will ensure a more efficient and profitable network.

Underground Electricity

Although underground power isn’t new, and many of the most recent lodging plans have adopted it, it’s a fundamental redesign that will improve the wellbeing of the network. This will not only improve the quality and richness of the public, but it will also make the network safer and less likely to be involved in any accidents.

Sports and Cultural Complex

Blue World City will include multifunctional sports and social complex to engage and advance a variety of societies as well as extra-curricular activities for the general public.

Sewerage Treatment Plant

To ensure a clean and environmentally-friendly garbage removal system, condition of workmanship sewerage treatment plants are being introduced to the general population.

Water Filtration System

Blue city will become an independent, viable society. One of the most prominent highlights of a free lodging society, is the ability to provide clean water to its residents. The establishment of an imaginative water filter plant will ensure that clean water is available to all residents. It will also improve the environment in the surrounding area.

Oxygen Park and Lake

The Oxygen Park and public lakes will enhance the quality of life and appeal of society. These green spaces in cities are essential to enhancing wellbeing, fostering social connections and preserving the climate.

3D I-Max Cinema

Films are a popular way to divert attention and have a lot of fun. Blue World City is excited to introduce 3D IMAX films that will bring the best innovation and diversion for its kin.

Adventure Club

An undertaking club will be available to the general public. It will unite the community and create social associations. The club will host a variety of adventurous activities for its members, including paragliding and horseback riding, riding on soil, paragliding, paragliding, climbing, dropping, and so forth.

Safari Zoo

The Safari Zoo will also be a striking feature for the public. A protected drive through the park with wild animals meandering uninhibitedly will not only be energizing but will provide an unforgettable experience to guests. It will feature a variety of fowls and creatures from around the world.

Water Pools and Spa Clubs

The club’s warm and refreshing pools and spa will also be highly appreciated by tenants. These pools and spas will allow people to enjoy a variety of relaxing treatments as well as useful meetings.

Police Station

Blue World City also has a fully functional and responsive police headquarters that will be able to respond to any criminal incidents or criminal behavior.

40-Bed Hospital

As well-being is a major concern in any network, a fully operational 40-bed Hospital will be a large part of Blue World City’s all-inclusive strategy. The new, cutting-edge wellbeing office will feature the latest hardware and innovation to help patients and manage any crisis situation.

Blue World City Location

The blue world city Location can be found on the main Chakri road, near the Chakri interchange at Lahore Islamabad motorway. Its location is convenient to Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Anyone buying or investing in land here will be able to hop into all the surrounding areas.

Suburban Landmarks Of The Blue World City

Capital Smart City is a popular housing scheme. It’s located near Blue World City. There are many other well-known housing societies like Mumtaz City and Khaniyal Homes. Star Argo Farms, Top City, and University Town. Blue World City is a great place to live your dream life.

Blue World City Master Plan

Lahore Islamabad motorway M2 leads to Chakri road. This is the entrance from Islamabad. The ring road will allow travelers from Rawalpindi, DHA, or Bahria enclave to access Chakri road once the project is completed.

The Master Strategy

A network of well-constructed carpeted roads runs through the society, connecting it to all surrounding areas. These are the dimensions of the roads:

  • Main boulevard: 120ft in width
  • Main roads are more than 180ft in width
  • Streets are 40ft wide

Blue World City NOC Approved By District Council RWP

District Council Rawalpindi granted an NOC to Blue World City for 1534 Kanal of Land for Phase 1. Phase 2 was in process. The NOC situation in Capital Smart City is very similar.


Blue World City covers 75000 kanals. It is divided into four phases, then into blocks and plots. This housing scheme offers:

Residential plots starting at 5 marlas to kanals (5.8, 10. marlas, 1. and 2. kanals)

Residential farmhouses of 8 and 4 kanals.

Commercial plots of 5, 8 and 10 marlas.

Housing authorities offer installment plans with terms ranging from 3 to 4 Years. You can book the property by paying 10% down, which can be as low as 80,000 Rupees.

The Overseas Block in Blue World City

This landmark was created for residents of Pakistan to offer them a luxurious lifestyle that exceeds their expectations. There are only a limited number of commercial plots available so those who can afford them first will be able to avail them.

The blue-colored world overseas block‘s uniqueness is the international standard facilities it offers that are often requested by overseas Pakistanis. There are only a few commercial plots in the overseas block.

  • 7 marlas
  • 10 marlas
  • 14 marlas
  • 1 Kanal
  • 2 Kanal

Blue Hills Country Farms

A farmhouse is like having an escape from your daily grind. You can relax in the cozy quilt and sleep on the fluffy bed in your farmhouse. Blue World City offers the opportunity to purchase a lavish farmhouse on a budget.

The farmhouses can be found in the quietest part of the community, surrounded by nature and a tranquil water stream.

Blue World City Awami Complex

It is the latest edition of the Blue World City group. This society now includes independent and duplex units, with all the necessary facilities and necessities to make residents’ lives extraordinary and luxurious. The complex building has five floors. The duplex villas are located on the first three floors, while apartments are found on the upper floors.

Awami complex residential apartments


  • 375 Sq. Ft. 1-bed studio apartment
  • 550 Sq. Ft. 1 bedroom family apartment
  • 830 Sq. Apartment with 2 beds in a family of four measuring 830 sq.

Awami complex: duplex villas

Duplex Villas

675 sq. Ft. Villa on the ground floor

675 Sq. 675 Sq.

675 Sq. 675 Sq.

The Pak China Friendly City

This mega housing society is more than an investment point. It is also a mission to establish progressive friendly relations with China. The Blue World City management body signed a memorandum o of understanding (MOU), with Shan Jian municipal engineer company, which is a major development and investment organization in China. This is what the Pak China-friendly city should look like:

  • Chinese and Pakistani progress, architecture, and development
  • Pak-China investments
  • CPEC route nearby
  • Chinese workers and citizens are allowed to reside in China

Why choose Blue World City to Invest?

This mission aims to change perceptions of Pakistan’s low-class living standards. This is an excellent opportunity for those who desire a luxurious lifestyle and a home of their dreams but don’t have the funds to do so. The project promises the highest quality lifestyle and living standards with affordable investments.

These are just a few of the reasons to choose Blue World City.

  • Budget-friendly investments and investments
  • Simple installment plans
  • Services and facilities that are up to par
  • A family community
  • Luxurious lifestyle
  • Technology at the cutting edge
  • When is the best time to invest?

The Booking Procedure

To book a property in Blue World City, bring the following documents to the office:

  • Two passport size pictures
  • Two copies of NIC
  • Two copies of the NIC of any kin
  • Two copies of an overseas national ID card are required for an overseas Pakistani

Plot possession

In Blue World City Phase 1, the time it takes to acquire plots is three years. The development time span of the society will also affect the possession of land. This could be further affected by other factors, such as the time the NOC permits are issued or natural causes. The possession of land is however guaranteed after a short time.


Where is Blue World City located?

This is a project that offers real estate housing. One can purchase land and then invest in it. It is located in Rawalpindi, on the main Chakri Road.

Is Blue World City illegal?

The Blue World City has been approved by the RDA. However, the NOC approval process is underway and will be granted soon. The Blue World City is legal and a guaranteed legal housing community.

How long does it take for society to develop?

The work is now underway. Development takes 3-4 years.

What installment plans are available?

All land types are eligible for installment plans. The term of the plan is 3 to 5 years.


The Blue World City is more than a project. It is a dream. It is the dream of everyone who dreams of a secure future and a way to make a difference. Every person who dreams of having a name is entitled to it. A name. It’s a mission to transform low-income living standards into an international standard with a small budget. It’s affordable and easy for clients to invest and buy.

Another important aspect of the project is to establish strong ties between Chinese and Pakistani residents. To meet the Chinese expectations in Pakistan, the accommodation is built to international standards and will improve Pakistani life culture.

As the housing society is still in its development phase, it is the best time to make an investment and get a return. Blue World City, Pakistan’s next landmark in real estate, is undoubtedly a significant milestone.

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