Car accidents in Las Vegas surge every year – How to rein in the numbers

According to the Las Vegas Metro Police 2022, there were 21,435 reported collisions of all types, and this number saw a 24.5% increase from 2021. 12,765 of those traffic accidents in Las Vegas involved injuries but the most alarming fact to note here is that several of these road accidents also involved fatalities. Las Vegas is a place that seems to be dedicated to its distractions as it is called the Entertainment Capital of the World. If you add intoxicating substances, you have the two top leading reasons for the surge in car accidents in Las Vegas.

A Las Vegas car accident lawyer is always busy handling personal injury cases, given the large number of accidents that happen throughout the year. Here are a few things that can be done to reduce the number of accidents in the entertainment capital of the world.

Drivers in Las Vegas have too much to do and see

Although the Law Enforcement that investigates Las Vegas car accidents gives reasons like overspeeding and failure to yield as the main causes behind accidents. However, it is also true that most of the traffic accidents here occur due to the distraction or inattention of the driver. Most drivers use their cell phones while driving which is an offense. They are found texting while driving, checking out navigational searches, making or receiving phone calls, doing internet searches, and many more.

There are restrictions that are applied to reading from any hand-held device or holding it near to your ear while speaking. In Nevada and Vegas, it is legal to use a voice-activated, hands-free, or BT-enabled cell phone while driving. This clearly means that you can’t hold a cell phone in your hand while driving.

There are hefty penalties for violating this law and fines range from $50 for a first-time offense to $250 for third or subsequent offenses.

Do not drive under the influence

When we say DUI, we often only mean driving drunk. But there’s more to DUI than just driving under the influence of alcohol. Though alcohol is one of the primary contributing causes of car accidents, alcohol is not the only substance that impairs the reasoning ability of a person. Impaired driving can also happen under the influence of other prescription drugs, marijuana, or drugs.

Driving impaired is a civil offense. A person who is driving under the influence of marijuana owes other pedestrians and motorists a duty to drive with adequate care. In case a driver under the influence of any of the above-listed substances injured you, you should immediately get in touch with a Las Vegas personal injury lawyer and start investigating the case professionally. The lawyer will discover evidence of marijuana, interview witnesses, gather evidence, and also protect your rights.

So, if you’re someone who drives on the busy roads of Las Vegas, be extra watchful and practice defensive driving in order to stay away from fatal road accidents.

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