What are the best 15 Couchtuner alternatives?

Couchtuner is a free to use video streaming platform which provides the user with an array of television shows to watch from. There is a comprehensive library which contains thousands of shows that are or were aired on television. Contrary to most of the video streaming websites, it is completely free of cost and therefore, does not require any kind of membership.

However, there are several legal issues associated with the usage of this website. It further comes with a multitude of cyber safety risks. It can potentially infect viruses in your computer system. Therefore, there are many individuals who consider using Couchtuner alternatives. Despite such risks, it is a good streaming website which can provide you with a complete package of entertainment.

Nevertheless, the website does not work in certain geographical locations. Thus, you may want to use other alternative streaming websites. Following are some of the best Couchtuner alternatives that you can use to access entertainment:

Couchtuner Alternatives List

Watch Series

This is the first and foremost alternative that you may go for if you are fond of watching shows. There is a comprehensive collection which covers different animes and television serials. Most importantly, the episodes can be accessed in the highest quality. The website is completely free to use which is an additional benefit. All you need to do is a register yourself with the website, which can further be done through Facebook. It is an exceptional source of entertainment which you can definitely try to not miss any episode in the future.

Soap 2 Day

Soap 2 Day is another streaming platform which is highly popular due to the quality of entertainment it provides to the users. It is a free to use platform which comes with a massive collection of movies and shows. Whether you want to watch the old classical movies or the newer shows, there is all available on this platform. One of the best features which you will come across in using this platform is that it provides you with the option to search different categories. This makes it easier for the user to search different shows, especially when the library is so huge. The user-interface is designed such that it is incredibly easier to use the platform. This is why it is one of the best alternatives to Couchtuner.

Just Watch

As the name speaks for itself, this platform is particularly made for those individuals who are fond of watching different television serials and shows. The streaming services provided are of ideal quality. It boasts a minimalistic user interface which makes it easier for people to navigate through it. It contains different shows from all across the globe. Therefore, your location does not matter. You can easily access shows irrespective of where you are situated. There are several filtering options which further helps in finding the show that you want to watch. Moreover, fresh content is being uploaded on this platform on a regular basis. This provides you with wider options to watch.

TV Muse

TV Muse has taken entertainment to a whole new level. This website is phenomenal in terms of the content it provides to the users. From animated content to informative documentaries, there is a lot that you can watch. Furthermore, the material uploaded on this website is free to access. There is no need to create an account to use any services available. Further, provided that the website is very user-friendly, you can easily find the shows. There are no restrictions based on geographical location. Most importantly, there are no advertisements or pop-ups which can potentially ruin the experience. In view thereof, if you are interested in free video streaming of your favorite movies, shows and documentaries, then TV Muse is the right platform to visit.


Primewire is another effective alternative that can be utilized for the purposes of entertainment. The user interface makes it easier for the users to navigate through the website. One of the major advantages of using this website is that it provides an option to watch the movies and shows in different video qualities. It even allows you to rate the content based on its quality and reliability. There is an expansive library divided into different categories. However, there are some cons associated with its usage. It is often targeted by potential hackers which often results into shutting down of the website on temporary basis. Other than that, it can be an ideal platform to watch shows on.

Stream Likers

The name of this platform speaks for itself. It is particularly designed for those individuals who love video streaming. It provides highest quality of streaming with absolutely no fee at all. It even provides the user the convenience to not register themselves. There are innumerable shows and movies available on this platform for you to watch. Given the simple and minimalistic interface, it even attracts more users annually. Recent customer reviews regarding Stream Likers are highly positive which therefore, indicates that this platform is able to retain a wide range of users. However, it is pertinent to note here that this platform cannot be accessed in all the countries. There are some geographical restrictions associated with its usage.

Tubi TV

This platform has partnered with hundreds of hosts which provide the most recent content. Different studios such as MGM and Paramount Pictures are normally preferred by the users on this website. You can easily watch different movies and shows without paying a single penny. This streaming website or application is available on different platforms including Apple TV and Roku. However, in order to access Tubi Tv, you need to go through the hassle of registering yourself. This will require some amount of time; but the registration is a one time process that you need to go through. It is clearly one of the best streaming platforms out there currently.

Popcorn Flix

This is an amazing alternative to Couchtuner. It is much more advanced streaming platform which comes with multiple additional feature. It does not only come as a website but a standalone application as well. It can be downloaded on both, Android and iOS devices. All you need to do is download the application and enjoy the entertainment. The movies and shows are divided into different categories. Therefore, if you want to simply enjoy a movie belonging to a certain genre, all you have to do is search within that category. However, this platform provides a comparatively complex user interface which a number of users may find difficult to deal with. Nevertheless, it still counts as one of the best alternative streaming websites.

123 Movies

This is a popular streaming website. If you are familiar of different streaming websites and have been doing so for a long time, then this platform may need no introduction. It is a free to use website which does not even require any registration process. Further, there are no kinds of hidden charges which the user may incur. However, there are some advertisement problems which some users find annoying. On average, it is an ideal platform to use due to advantages like easy navigation and expansive library. Most importantly, you can request the website to upload the videos, movies or shows which are not available. This is a feature that only a few streaming websites provide.

5 Movies

This is another platform which provides an extensive list of movies, shows, cartoons and what not. It is neatly divided into distinctive sections which make it easier for the user to navigate through the website. Provided that the files are not hosted on servers, there is no requirement for the users to register themselves. However, similar to the formed platform, there are some advertisements which may cause hindrances in usage of the platform. It is a highly responsive website which boasts a variety of filters which you may not find on other websites. The quality of streaming provided is also optimal making it an ideal platform to stream your videos at.

Café Movie

From conventional old movie classics to the new hits, Café Movie is an online streaming platform which provides exceptional access to home entertainment. Due to its easy functionality, it is preferred by millions of users out there. The expansive library it provides is one of the reasons why it is so preferred. There are innumerable shows and movies featuring from all over the world. Particularly, if you are fond of traditional and classical hits, then this might be right platform to visit. One of the best advantages of using this website is that it enables you to search content through languages. Thus, if want to watch content in your mother language, then you just have to search it accordingly.

Solar Movie

This is another popular streaming website which is normally known by avid streamers. There are many users of Couchtuner who have shifted their focus to Solar Movies. The movies and television shows are succinctly classified into different genres. You can choose shows depending on the genre you are interested into. It is much easier to browse and thereafter filter the content accordingly. It comes with exceptional user interface making it very popular amongst the users. However, similar to other streaming platforms, there are a lot of advertisements which may make it difficult and annoying to use it. Nevertheless, it is an ideal package of entertainment which you must access if you are into streaming videos, movies and shows.

Vid Strum

Entertainment can be divided into the different genres. Those individuals who are much into drama and theatre may visit this platform. However, there is a wide range of other shows that can easily be accessed. It has a neat and tidy user interface making it easier to use. Although, you may experience a number of advertisements, they are kept low in order to ensure consistent flow of entertainment to the users. There are no restrictions based on locality. Therefore, you can access this platform irrespective of where you are situated. Nevertheless, the drawback of using this platform is that it only contains limited content. Hence, if you are looking for an expansive library, then this is not the right spot.


This is a major alternative to Couchtuner. It has prominent presence amongst the users. It is another free video streaming platform whereby you can access content from all across the globe. The content is classified according to the genre, languages and style. The latest content is being uploaded quickly. Therefore, you can watch the latest content without any delay. It further provides the user with an option to choose from different qualities of video. High definition streaming is available for almost all content which further enhances the experience. It has an amazing collection of movies and shows making it an ideal platform to visit.

Movie Watcher

The name of this platform is reflective of the services it provides. It is one of those platforms which is very similar to Couchtuner. Therefore, if you want a similar experience to Couchtuner, then this is the right platform to use. It has a large collection of movies. The user interface is minimalist making it convenient to use. Whether you want to watch older movies of the 1960s or the most recent ones, the collection has got a lot of options for you. However, the advertisements can sometimes ruin the experience. In any case, Movie Watcher provides a comprehensive and an enjoyable entertainment experience.

The bottom line

There are many reasons why you would not want to or are not able to use Couchtuner. Fortunately, there are many Couchtuner alternatives that easily be accessed which will completely meet with your entertainment needs.

It can a good idea to know about such alternatives and you may try some or all of them. Most importantly, all the platforms are completely safe to use, which is why you must add them to your must-visit list.

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