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Darood Sharif Benefits and Uses

Islam is the fastest-growing religion on the face of this earth. There are currently over 1.9 billion followers of Islam all across the globe and the numbers are increasing significantly. The religion is not only growing in Muslim dominated countries but also in non-Muslim populations such as Europe.

This is due to the inclination of people towards learning the religion deeply. There are several elements of Islam. However, the most important one is Quran. Quran is the holy scripture of Islam which was revealed on the last messenger, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). The teachings, words and actions of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) are also of paramount importance in Islam.

It is the belief of Muslims that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was sent by Allah for the guidance of the entire mankind. Thereafter, there will be no other messenger sent by Allah. Therefore, the role of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in Islam is the most important of all.

What is Darood Sharif?

Darood Sharif

It is believed by Muslims that Allah loves only those believers who love Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Therefore, it is essential that Muslims express their love and affection for the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). One of the ways is the recital of Darood Sharif. In fact, it is the moral and religious duty of every Muslim to recite such Darood Sharif.

Darood Sharif is broadly translated to ‘peace be upon Prophet Muhammad’. Recital of the same brings the Muslim closer to Allah and His prophet. It is essentially a manner of prayer which the Muslims are required to say on reading, hearing or speaking the name of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). It is the blessings which the Muslims confer on the last prophet. This is to pay Him all the respect and praise in a proper and right manner.

The main reason why Darood Sharif is being recited by Muslims is to enhance their love for Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). It is one of the main fundamentals of Islam and therefore, following the same can be highly rewarding not only in this world but the hereafter as well.

It has been quoted in the Sahih Al Bukhari that it is the primary duty to love Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), even more than your own father, mother, children and the entire family. It is majorly believed that recital of Darood Sharif will be beneficial in this life and hereafter.

What are the benefits of reciting Darood Sharif?

Darood Sharif Benefits

There are thousands of benefits of reciting Darood Sharif. However, the same should be done with the utmost respect to the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). This article will guide you over the variety of benefits in detail. These benefits are only conferred upon those who genuinely believe that reciting the Darood Sharif is a critical part of their faith.

Nevertheless, the following are some of the most essential advantages.

  1. One of the most effective ways in which one can be a good practising Muslim is to follow the lifestyle of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in all respects. Whether it is the method of conducting business or dealing with individuals, His life should be an example for the Muslims. Therefore, in order to achieve this, one should attain closeness to Him. This can be done by the recital of Darood Sharif. Reciting such can make you more closer to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) not only in this world but also in Jannah. A Hadith is reported by Tirmidhi wherein it is stated by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) that the closest to Him on the Day of Judgment will be the one who recites Darood Sharif excessively.
  2. Another important fundamental of Islam is to maintain closeness with Almighty Allah. Recitation of the Darood Sharif can unquestionably bring a Muslim closer to Allah and cause him to his will to Allah. Recitation of the Darood Sharif in English, or any other language for that matter, is a manifestation of the notion that we are obeying the commandments of Almighty Allah. It is reiterated that sending blessings to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is the duty and responsibility of every Muslim.
  3. It is the strong belief of every Muslim out there that this life is temporary. Therefore, he prepares himself for the life hereafter accordingly. This can be done in many ways. One of them is to do good deeds. Recitation of Darood Sharif is an effective way through which the actions of an individual can be purified. It works as a process through which the sins which an individual commits can be balanced. Thus, it is highly recommendable that Darood Sharif is recited on a regular basis.
  4. Spirituality and Islam are interconnected. Islam brings you as close as possible to Allah. Therefore, it can safely be said that practising Islam makes you more spiritual. One of the important elements of Islam is recitation of Darood Sharif. Hence, if you want to reach higher levels of spirituality, then reciting the Darood Sharif can be helpful.
  5. It is the belief of Muslims that reciting the Darood Sharif will enhance their worldly status. This can be any form whatsoever. For example, you may either get more recognition in the world or people may respect you more. Recital of such can result into better quality of life. Furthermore, it will also help you to increase your status in life after death.
  6. Most individuals are in the search of peace in this world. This may be due to the hectic lifestyle we tend to have these days. We are too much engrossed in the worldly affairs that we overlook the importance of giving time to Almighty Allah. This consequently results into lack of peace. In such an event, Darood Sharif can be recited to acquire peace. It is a way in which Allah showers more blessings, prosperity and peace. In a nutshell, it is an effective way through which one can remain more peaceful. It is an ideal way in which one can lift his or her spirits and remain happy with whatever they are doing in life.
  7. Every person has many problems in his life. There can be many causes behind such problems. However, recital of Darood Sharif can enable an individual to get rid of all such problems in life. If you are ever involved in any such difficulty, it is advisable to recite Darood Sharif and Durood e Ibrahim to come out of these difficulties. In fact, if you are ever in a situation which makes you angry, reciting the Darood Sharif can ease the anger and make you more calm and composed. It can kill all the hardships that you have in this life.
  8. There are many Hadiths which indicates that the Angels shower blessings on those individuals who recite the Darood Sharif. By reading it only once, 70 blessings are bring showered. Therefore, if you want to be more blessed in this life and the hereafter, then read the Darood Sharif. Furthermore, upon recital of Darood Sharif, tens sins are forgiven forthwith. More than ten good deeds are awarded to the Almighty Allah and position of a human being is upgraded ten times than what it is. This means that recitation makes you closer to the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and the Almighty Allah.
  9. Death in inevitable. This is a fact. However, death can be a painful experience for every human being. Fortunately, Islam provides us with different ways through which the experience of death can be made easier and less painful. Recital of the Darood Sharif will ease the agony which every individual will experience near his or her death.
  10. Reciting the Darood Sharif will automatically attract all the good virtues and repel all the sins and vice that exist in this life.
  11. Darood Sharif is the key to success in both the lives. For example, it is an effective way through which one can fulfill his or her all desires. It is an ideal source of fulfillment. Therefore, those Muslims who have the habit of reciting Darood Sharif on regular basis, always feel fulfilled.
  12. Muslims are buried on their death. Therefore, their bodies are naturally degraded by different elements. This includes insects and worms. There are many Hadiths which indicate that one who recites Darood Sharif will not be devoured by the worms when the body is buried. Thus, one should always recite the Darood Sharif.
  13. The ultimate objective of every Muslim is to enter the Jannah. This is the heaven, which can be achieved by doing good deeds in this life. Although there are many things that Muslims should do to get into heaven, reciting the Darood Sharif is one of the effective ways in which the same can be done. It is the path to heaven.
  14. If you want to be one of those individuals whose house is never hit by the evil forces, then you must recite Darood Sharif on a regular basis. It will help you avoid all the evil habits which can cause difficulties to reach the Jannah.

Darood Sharif Uses

Above are listed some of the benefits of reciting the Darood Sharif. On a similar note, there are some uses of reciting the same. Following are some of its uses, which can help you in this life and the life hereafter;

  • Darood Sharif is being used as a way in which a Muslim can praise or complement the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). This is why it is so important in Islam, as mentioned above. Given that Almighty Allah also sends the blessing on Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), the Muslims are under a moral duty to do the same by reciting the Darood Sharif.
  • Darood Sharif can be recited and thus used, to enhance the status in this world. The status also increases life after death. Thus, one should make a habit of reading the Darood Sharif regularly.
  • The most beneficial use of reciting the Darood Sharif is that it can make you more successful in your personal life, social life and professional life. It is even for the good health of individuals and therefore, should be recited religiously.
  • Friday is the most important day of all in Islam. This is why it is essential that you recite the Darood Sharif on Fridays. Those who do so will receive higher rewards in this lifetime.

Darood Sharif in Namaz

Darood Sharif in Namaz

There are many schools of thoughts in Islam. However, the four main ones are Hanbali, Shafii, Maliki and Hanafi. In each school of thought, there is one question that a lot of Muslims have – when to recite Darood Sharif in Namaz?

Darood Sharif is not to be read after Tashahhud. However, this only for the namaz of sunnah muwakkidah. When it comes to the namaz of sunnah ghair muwakkidah, then the Darood Sharif can be read after Tashahhud.

Darood e Ibrahim is also a prayer that is conferred read upon the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). There are many Hadiths in books such as Muslim and Bukhari wherein it is stated that Darood e Ibrahim is also one of the most complete and pure forms of salutation on the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). When it comes to recitation of the same in Namaz, it is normally done once you are done reciting the Tashahhud. This is to be read while you are in the sitting position in Namaz.

However, it is pertinent to note that these Daroods are not only to be read in Namaz but whenever you want to. By reciting the same, the above-mentioned benefits can be achieved by the Muslims.

The bottom line

This article has highlighted different details pertaining to Darood Sharif such as the benefits, uses and its placement in Namaz. However, there are many other things that you can know about Darood Sharif and the recitation thereof. Islam is a very rich religion and there are innumerable things to study about it. Thus, you can go through the lectures and debates of different Islamic scholars for a better understanding of religion.


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