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Difference Between a Business Card and a Visiting Card

Using wrong names in place of synonyms is a common mistake every person commits. Most people think that this is a basic English error. This assumption often lands them up in big trouble. The same is the case with a business card and visiting card. The former is often used to showcase details related to a person’s business dealings. At the same time, the latter is a card-carrying more than professional details. It also contains personal details of a person. Hence you can call it both an informal and formal card.

Industry experts often recommend carrying both of these cards, especially if your business requires mobile management. These two cards are very helpful in building acquaintances, partnerships, strong relationships with people of different spheres. But an important question that arises here is that if both these cards have so much in common, why use them separately? Why can’t we just use a single card and not increase the load of our wallets? After reading this article further, you will get answers to all these questions.

The core difference between a business card and a visiting card (also known as a calling card)-

     1. Nature of Information-

  • The business card has a very specific use. This primarily contains the information of directly or indirectly linked people to their business—for example, stuff like phone number, e-mail address, contact or reception number of your office. People offer business cards to their potential customers because it contains all detailsof their business location, e-mail address, company address, etc. It makes it very convenient for a future employer to contact or visit you. Suppose your company has an online presence as well. Then you can also put your website address on the business card.
  • The nature of information in a visiting card has informal dominance. This means that it talks more about you as a person rather than focusing on your business. It contains info like your name, home address, personal phone number, etc.

    2. Typography-

  • Wholesale Business cardsare used for professional purposes. Therefore, they are only designed in a standard format. The font style that you use in a business card must be readable to the reader. There should not be any typing error or any sort of grammatical error in it. Because such problems, if encountered, may result in a big loss to your business.
  • Visiting card is a reflection of your personality as an individual. Hence you are free to design it according to your choice. You can use attractive fonts to catch the eye of your reader. Some people also prefer putting small love notes at the bottom. This is a good gesture as it echoes your welcoming nature.

    3. Purpose-

  • Business cards are often used as a tool to strengthen business ties. They can be given to a potential customer, an enthusiastic or admiring junior, a future employer, etc. This card helps you to stand firm in the competition. Your rivals are doing everything to gain recognition in their respective fields, and your business card will surely help you do it better. The competition is not just associated with money but also reputation. Hence, design it in a manner so that it showcases your business pattern.

For example, a doctor must design his business card containing a plus sign (+). This sign will automatically strike the reader’s eyes, and his mind will straightway signal him about you being a doctor.

Such tactics play an important role in gaining the confidence of the card viewer. The brain conceives what the eyes see. Hence, if your business card is well-designed, your overall personality will be perceived as sincere and dedicated.

  • Visiting or Calling card’s purpose is to give your introduction is written so that if a person wishes to contact after one meeting, he may do it without any problem. Talking about the purpose specifically, visiting cards send a message of private interests. They are not used to promote any kind of business or official. Yes, you can put your business details in it if you want, but then it must be very short and precise. Or else, it will no more be called a visiting card.


Both these terms sound similar but are very different. Therefore, it is very important to know the variance between the two and use them accordingly. The technique of graphical designing can be used to prepare impressive cards. Remember that your business card showcases your business’ resourcefulness, hence offer it to the only potential audience. Whereas spreading your visiting cards unnecessarily can also attract unwanted chaos. Consequently, it is imperative to use both these cards wisely and not mess up with them. Because if, in any case, you use the other way around, then you are only sending the message of carelessness and ignorance.

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