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Different Types of Commercial Audio Systems or Speakers for Your Business

It is critical to realize that commercial speakers are not the same like the speakers you use in your stereo system or home theater. Commercial speakers have been designed strategically for delivering audible announcements and clear background music in offices, retail outlets, places of worship, and other such open environments or spaces. They depend on power to run several speakers on one amplifier to maintain low expenses. The world is constantly changing because of path-breaking technological advancements. Today, a broad spectrum of speakers or commercial audio systems is available for clear business communication with customers. Let us explore the different types of speakers available in the market today.

In-Ceiling and In-Wall Speakers

These commercial speakers are popular since you can install them in a low-profile way that seamlessly merges into the existing space décor. These speakers are usually installed well in drywall. However, some speakers may have been suitably-designed for tiled drop ceilings.

Restaurants & In-Wall Speakers

According to Forbes, thanks to technological breakthroughs, the world is constantly changing. Several diverse fields and industries are gradually emerging, and businesses are looking for effective ways to leverage cutting-edge technology. Restaurants, therefore, are no exception. They are constantly trying to upgrade their services by leveraging the latest tech. Today, restaurants use discreet cutting-edge in-wall speakers for boosting television sound in a party room in a restaurant. These speakers are designed strategically to fit into a hole in the ceiling or the wall. Therefore, you may be extra careful about installation specifications.

Ensure the hole is cut according to the required dimensions so that the speaker fits perfectly or snugly into the hole. The wall depth should be adequate for the speaker to be installed securely inside the wall. It is crucial to match the wall’s depth with the accurate depth of the speaker. Expert contractors can guide you about the placement of the speakers so that the entire restaurant is well-covered.

Coffee Shops & In-Ceiling Speakers

Music from in-ceiling speakers is excellent for infusing a pleasant ambiance or feel into your space without unsettling the overall décor. You may visit the website of a reputed audio solutions provider that offers a commercial speaker system for different applicationsYou may choose low-profile In-Ceiling Speakers that seamlessly merge into the warm and welcoming ambiance and décor of the coffee shop. The guests will enjoy the soft soothing background music while enjoying hot coffee.

Pendant Speakers

Pendant speakers are best for a spacious place with exceptionally high ceilings. Pendant speakers may be best for large conference halls, securely hanging from ceiling joists. These are ideal for large business conference halls and industrial spaces. They are great for making music. They are ideal for making announcements and distributing music in expansive rooms with exceptionally high ceilings. Pendant speakers have a unique circular driver array pointing downwards toward listeners. It delivers a unique ‘conical coverage angle’. These pendant speakers usually come with a comprehensive installation kit or gear. You will find a somewhat jagged steel suspension cable, a bracket, and locking clips for easy installation. However, it is best to get these installed by experienced professionals.

Pendant Speakers and a Gym

Pendant speakers are ideal for a sprawling workout space. A gym’s open floor plan ideally requires a powerful audio system. Pendant speakers can be just perfect for an expansive gym. It can churn out the perfect tunes to motivate or inspire gym clients for fulfilling their fitness aspirations and goals.

Surface Mount Speakers

Surface mount speakers are usually best for mounting on flat surfaces or walls. Surface mount speakers are pretty eye-catching though not too décor-friendly like in-ceiling audio systems. They can be installed easily without any hassles. You may use weatherproof speakers of this variety in a restaurant for customers sitting outside enjoying the fresh air with soothing music. You get all the required installation materials with these speakers. You may seek assistance from experts while installing surface mount speakers, indoors or outdoors to boost their longevity. These speakers are excellent for large rooms with reasonably low ceilings. These speakers are often used to play television or medium-level background music. Water-resistant outdoor speakers are durable and operational on different volume control levels from the stereotypical indoor speakers. These speakers are best for fine-tuning to minimize outside traffic noise.

Horn Loudspeakers  

Surface mount speakers best used under precise circumstances are called horn loudspeakers. These are effective for broadcasting announcements, safety tones, instructions, etc., all-round an extensive outdoor area. They are preferred because of their longevity and clarity even though they may lack in fidelity. All types of horn loudspeakers are ideal for public areas such as fairgrounds and stadiums because they are weather-resistant and inherently powerful.

Landscape Speakers

If you are interested in extending your audio systems to your garden, patio, pool outside your hotel, playground, etc., you may consider opting for landscape audio systems. These are extremely powerful, waterproof, and rugged speakers just perfect for exposure to moisture, dirt, and sun. They may be strategically placed outdoors among garden hedges or bushes for livening up your seating areas outdoors. Often, they are buried effectively in the soil. They blend magically with garden décor as they even come in the guise of rocks. Some landscape speakers are phenomenally popular because they come with additional visibility for nights.

Commercial Subwoofers

You may wish to have bass when playing music. You can incorporate low-end seamlessly into your system thanks to a commercial subwoofer. The home subwoofers can be placed on the floor directly, but that may not be viable in a crowded venue with heavy footfall. Luckily, commercial woofers are compatible with all options discussed above such as pendant, surface mount, in-ceiling, and landscape speakers.


Speakers can work seamlessly with one amp for providing power, some source components, and microphones for announcements and music. You may even require other things to ensure the entire system works well together. Audio speaker systems are indispensable. They work wonders for businesses. You may choose am audio system that caters to the unique requirements of your business.

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