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Engagement Ring Trends to Bring Out the Sparkle in Your Fiancée

The US is the country that spends the most on diamond engagement rings, with the average buyer forking out around $6,000 on a sparkler for their beloved. Because engagement rings are a lifelong piece, it is important for couples to make the right choice so that their ring never loses its enchantment. Classicism and tradition rule this industry precisely because of the special nature of this ring type, but like all other jewelry, engagement rings are also subject to market trends. If you’d like a piece that is traditional but modern, simple yet captivating, classic yet personal, one of the following ring trends may be right up your street.

Stacked Rings

Stacked rings offer wearers considerable versatility and look just as great with a casual outfit as they do with elegant gala wear. Many brides and grooms are now opting for fine, sparkly pavé diamond bands that can be worn as an engagement and wedding ring or stacked with other metals and gems. For a great idea of how fantastic stacked bands can be, check out Ryan Reynolds’s ring finger—he usually wears a finder band alongside a wide band. YouTube sensation Ryland Adams also wears stacked rings, one of which boasts a huge, round-shaped princess cut diamond. Emerald- and Ascher-cut wedding rings are holding sway but round diamond cuts have made a big comeback and may just be the ‘it’ shape for upcoming decades owing to their timeless beauty and curvy appeal.

Solitaire Engagement Rings

Solitaire engagement rings—those whose design comprises a raised rock over a simple band, account for around 30% of ring sales at many prestigious jewelry houses. They are ideal for rocks that are around 0.7 carats or larger. For an idea of how amazing this style can look, check out Hailey Bieber’s amazing oval-cut, six-carat diamond, set in 18-carat yellow gold. Feel free to play around with color, opting for yellow, blue, or pink diamonds or gemstones like sapphire.

Band-Style Rings

This ring style is the opposite of the solitaire ring trend in that it emphasizes the beauty of the band itself. Styles range from multi-band rings graced with diamonds and/or colored gemstones, right through to wide bands comprising a series of hexagon diamond shapes. Lastly, twisted bands comprising pavé and plain band textures as well as a statement diamond or gemstone at one end are all the rage. Spiral, multi-layered bands are also in vogue.

Tanzanite Engagement Rings

Colored gemstones have made a big comeback and they are as popular for everyday and gala pieces as they are for engagement rings. One gemstone that is sparkling particularly brightly is Tanzanite, which is obtained exclusively from a small mine in Tanzania. With experts predicting that the supply of this gem will be completely exhausted within a maximum of 20 years, Tanzanites are not only a beautiful alternative to sapphires, but also an excellent investment. For a really special ring, opt for a Tanzanite that boasts a similar/identical hue to that of sapphires.

Engagement rings are usually a major investment for couples and they are meant to last a lifetime. When making your selection, classic styles always work well, but your choice should reflect your personality and tastes. Just a few trends to watch out for when making your selection include stacked rings, solitaire styles, elaborate band designs, and rings graced with the stunning blue-violet gemstone known as tanzanite.

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