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Explore Easy Ways to Make Money on Instagram

It is no secret that you need to have a few things to get income from your IG account. These include followers, engagement rate, and quality content. More precisely, followers help you earn money, and you work on other aspects to increase your following so you can have more people buy your products, services, and others. Of course, not everyone can have a million of them. Celebrities and some personalities have this easy. Nevertheless, you need a good number to qualify as an influencer. It would help to know that people with about 1000 followers or more are small-time influencers.

No matter the size of the follower count, you have to engage them to build a community of trust in your niche. It will come in handy when you recommend them something. One of the critical parts of engagement can be likes, which the Insta algorithm also favors. Since you may not get many likes initially due to a small following, you can drip feed your posts with bought likes. To be precise, you can buy IG likes from a reliable third party to attract engagements. As for content presentation, you can use short videos to explain your select product or service or anything. Once you settle these aspects, you can start earning money from your handle through the following methods:

Affiliate marketing

When you get commission per every product sale through your account, you call this activity affiliate marketing. It happens when you represent a brand’s offering. You get a unique promo code or link to promote their articles. When your follower or someone uses the code or link to purchase a specific thing, you get some percentage from the sale. You can find many celebrities and influencers already doing this. And as this field is so vast, you can never run out of opportunities.

Sponsored content

You promote a product or service of other brands through your content and get paid for the same. But you need to ensure the posts don’t come across as too promotional. If you fix this, it can be another revenue model for you on Instagram.


You can be competent in a particular field – makeup, art, beauty, photography, or something else. You can teach your skills to the audience. Build all your knowledge into video and audio ebooks and sell them through your account. You can use built-in app features to give previews to let everyone know what those materials feature. Or, you can embed the link of your course or digital book in your bio or Story to lead people to your content.

Like these, there are many options to leverage the popularity and capability of Instagram for monetary gains. The income can be so good that you can even make it your full-time source of revenue generation. Or, it can be a side hustle to increase your earning. Either way, it can be meaningful. After all, you can do your work from anywhere with a decent network connection, laptop, camera, and other tools. Once you gain mileage, you can invest more time and energy.


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