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Find an Address by Social Security Number for Free: What You Need To Know

The rapid growth of the internet and search engines has made it easy to find people. Depending on your information, finding someone online in a matter of minutes is possible. That said, social security number verifications are tricky, so it’s important to know the rules around them. We’ll help you learn whether it’s possible to find someone’s address with a social security number for free.

What Is a Social Security Number?

A social security number is a 9-digit number that the government uses to track someone’s lifetime earnings. Social security is often used for retirement plans, healthcare, and disability. The government also uses social security numbers to track things like location, tax history, years worked, and more.

What Are Social Security Numbers Used For?

Social security numbers track someone’s earnings, work history, tax history, and if they receive disability benefits. These numbers are also used for government benefits during periods of disability or retirement. Social security numbers are also used for identity verification.

Does Everyone Have a Social Security Number?

Every United States citizen may receive a social security number. Social security numbers are offered to all citizens, even immigrants. While some people in the United States don’t have social security numbers, these are outliers.

Is a Social Security Number Public Record?

No, social security numbers are not public records. While these numbers may be viewed under specific circumstances, they’re not supposed to be accessible to everyone. Someone’s social security number that’s unprotected becomes at risk of identity theft and other problems.

Can You Find Someone’s Address With a Social Security Number for Free?

Yes, you can find someone’s address with a social security number. Background check firms and employers will use an SSN verification to verify someone’s identity. When someone’s identity is verified, one of the first bits of information that is checked is their full name, date of birth, and address. You can also use a reverse address search, like this one at, to get additional data on someone – including their email addresses, criminal records, and social media profiles.

What Is a Social Security Verification Check?

A social security verification check is one of the most important parts of a background check. Tracing someone’s social security number helps employers verify someone’s identity. Plus, SSN verifications allow background checks to include more detailed information.

Social security verification checks have become popular for criminal background checks, so some employers will use them often.

What Information Shows Up During SSN Verification?

A lot of information shows up on an SSN trace. For example, when running a trace, the searcher may access someone’s work history, address, full name, date of birth, criminal records, and more. Because social security numbers are attached to people for life, SSN traces give you the most in-depth background checks.

Can Anyone Use a Social Security Number To Find Someone’s Address?

No, everyone can’t use someone’s social security number to find someone’s address. Social security numbers are private numbers that only background check firms and government agencies can access. Many employers will also store information about employees’ social security numbers for tax purposes, but it’s not a public record.

Thankfully, there are alternative methods for finding someone’s address.

Another Method to Help You Find Someone’s Address

It’s not always possible for you to use someone’s social security number to find their address. Unfortunately, this is resolved for work situations, and most social security number search tools aren’t accessible by the public. Therefore, it’s important to consider the alternatives.

The best alternative to a social security number verification is a people search. As long as you have someone’s name, a people search engine will help you find information about them. Simply enter their name, phone number, or email into the people search tool to view your results.

Plus, unlike a social security number verification, you’ll find more information on

Below we list what you’ll find when you run a people search.

  • Sex offender status
  • Criminal records
  • Traffic violations
  • Court records
  • Social media profiles
  • Dating profiles
  • Addresses
  • Phone numbers
  • Date of birth
  • Spouses
  • Marriages documents
  • Divorce records

Ultimately, anything that’s public record can be found on

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, finding someone’s address with only a social security number is possible. However, that’s easier said than done and often requires a background check company or employment situation. On the other hand, for employers, a social security number verification is essential during the background check process.

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