German Shepherd: Price and Types in India

Dogs are not only pets but companions. A lot of people want to purchase dogs for many reasons. You can consider it as your friend and have a good time with it. On the other hand, dogs can also be used for other reasons, such as guarding a premise. In fact, some industries and agencies rely on dogs for a multitude of reasons. This is due to the natural abilities within them.

If you are purchasing a dog, it is always recommendable that you go through the different breeds of dogs. It will help you make the right decision. There are thousands of breeds and within such breeds, there are many other types. Thus, it is imperative that you do your homework before selecting any type.

German Shepherd is one of the most popular breeds of dogs. This breed originates from the country of Germany. If you are looking forward to adopting or purchase an intelligent and good-looking dog that you can enjoy your time with, then this is the right breed to go for. Most importantly, it is one of those breeds which will also protect and take care of you.

It is one of the most loved breeds in India. This is why a lot of people ask about German Shepherd prices in India. In fact, most of the police dogs all across the globe are of this breed.

These dogs are normally known for their sweet temperament, herding abilities, train-ability and the fact that they are very obedient. This is why this breed is different from others. It was originally called the Alsatian Wolf Dog in the country of the United Kingdom. In modern-day and age, it is used for different types of works such as search and rescue, disability assistance, home security, and other military roles.

German Shepherd Price in India

German Shepherd Price in India

The price of German Shepherd essentially depends on several factors. This includes its height, gender, weight, appearance, color and size in general. However, the general range of price of German Shepherd in India is between INR 18,0000/- and INR 80,000.

If you are purchasing a pure breed, then it will cost more than a mixed breed. Nevertheless, whatever type and breed you are intending to purchase, you can expect it to be within the aforementioned range.

Types of German Shepherd

Types of German Shepherd

There are different types of this breed. However, it can broadly be categorized into two types called the “Show Line” and the “Working Line”. However, within these two broad categories, there are different types that can be purchased or adopted. The different appearances of these types is what it makes it distinguishable from each other. Apart from its appearance, there are different personality traits as well which makes it easier to differentiate between the dogs.

The line of German Shepherd that you want to choose really depends on your preferences. If you really want a dog to win a competition and to show to the world, then you may choose a Show Line. On the other hand, if you are not concerned about the appearance and want a dog which is more of a guard with the right temperament, then you can choose Working Line dogs. Working Lines can be trained properly and are better options when it comes to obedience, loyalty and intelligence.

Following are some the types that you must know about before you adopt or purchase this breed.

  1. Saddle Coat German Shepherd
  2. Black German Shepherd
  3. Panda German Shepherd
  4. Sable German Shepherd
  5. White German Shepherd
  6. Czech Working Line
  7. West German Working Line

Saddle Coat German Shepherd

Saddle Coat German Shepherd

These are the most popular ones amongst the breed which you will commonly find everywhere. It is the distinct pattern and texture of the dog which makes it easier to differentiate from other types. The saddle essentially makes reference to the black patch of fur at the back. A lot of people refer to this patch as the blanket pattern. It typically is in black and golden color. It is unquestionably one of the best dogs that you can ever purchase or adopt. If you are fond of dogs, and especially German Shepherd, then this is breed to go for.

Black German Shepherd

This is another attractive type of German Shepherd that you can adopt or purchase. They are also termed as the “Solid Color Breed”. However, this type is not as common as the Saddle Coat Breed. It is an entirely black coated dog, although, you may sometimes find powdered blue coating. This is a rare thing that you may find within Black German Shepherd. At this point, it is pertinent to note that a lot of Black German Shepherds take part in dog competitions held across the globe. You may consider taking part in these competitions. Nevertheless, if there is a blue pigment on the coating of the dog, then you may lose points. Thus, make sure you take this into account before being part of any such competition.

Panda German Shepherd

This is one of the most beautiful dogs that you can find. It is a combination of black, white and some patches of tan. The reason this breed is called Panda is because they have similar physical appearance to coating of Pandas. The chest, belly and mouth of this dog is white in color. On the other hand, their backs are black and the legs are tan in color. This pattern of fur is not very common in these dogs.

The appearance of this dog is due to the genetic mutation. A lot of people think that the Panda pattern is because they are mix breeds. A lot of people even think that these breeds are vulnerable in terms of health. It is not true. This breed is as healthy, agile and strong as the other breeds. This is a positive to take into account.

Sable German Shepherd

This is another unique breed that you may want to be associated with. They are beautiful in their appearance. A lot of regions refer to it as “Agouti”. The color pattern does not come in patches but develops naturally all across the body. As they get older, the coat becomes stronger. Some colors of the coat may be more dominant and prominent than the others. Normally, the coating is a blended combination of grey, black, gold and tan. During birth, the color is normally tan which changes over time. It is one of the best options to go for.

White German Shepherd

As the name suggests itself, this type is completely white in color. It is a sub-part of Solid German Breed. The main difference is that the main color of this type is white instead of black. This naturally and genetically makes its more beautiful.

Since White German Shepherd have dominant gene, they develop white coating. On the other hand, Black German Shepherd have recessive gene and thus, they develop black coating. This is the main genetic difference. A lot of people confuse White German Shepherd as being albinos. They are different from albinos. Given that this breed is very rare compared to the other options, it is also more expensive. Furthermore, it also requires more maintenance due to its white color. You will be required to wash the white fur on a very regular basis.

Czech Working Line

Czech German Shepherds belong to the Working Line breeds. In terms of features and characteristics, they are very similar to wolves. These German Shepherds were particularly bred in order to patrol and guard the borders of the country. These are exceptionally well trained dogs, which can effectively be used as guards as well. Moreover, they also make good pets. A lot of search and rescue teams, police departments and other related organizations recruit these breeds for various reasons. Given that they are highly capable and intelligent in all respects, they are recruited.

West German Working Line

These breeds are considered to be the original German Shepherds. The dogs were specially bred in order to ensure that they emphasize on their ability to learn, work, listen and perform in an effective manner, rather than being focused on the appearance only. These breeds are considered to be of the highest quality when it comes to German Shepherds. Thus, if you want an ideal dog which is a combination of appearance and performance, then this is the right option to go for.


Above is all that you need to know about German Shepherd. It essentially details the German Shepherd Price in India and the different types which can be purchased. Depending on what you want, you can make your choice accordingly.

Any dog you are willing to purchase or adopt, it is essential that you do it from the right place. Make sure that you are fully familiar with the dog and thus, there are no health concerns or issues with the animal. Otherwise, it can cost you additional inconvenience and hardship to deal with the same.

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