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How Do You Turn a Regular Refrigerator Into a Kegerator?

Each of us would not mind a pint of cold beer at home. And it can be done very simply. By purchasing a kegerator kit, you can create a kegerator yourself using as a case, of an ordinary household refrigerator.

How To Make a Kegerator Out of a Regular Refrigerator?

A homemade kegerator is a great opportunity to always have a freshly spilled beer at hand from the keg, and significantly save at the same time, in comparison with the same volume of beer in bottles or in banks.

Also, a kegerator is necessary for storing and bottling homemade beer. Home kegerator kits provide a cost-effective alternative to more expensive off-the-shelf kegerators. And such sets are not inferior to them in terms of quality, convenience and choice.

What is the kegerator kit?

Kits made from beer equipment to make your own home kegerator are an easy and economical way to transform a new or used household refrigerator into a spectacular bar counter. It is even possible to turn a freezer into a home kegerator if you additionally install a temperature control unit.

The components that are included in each of the kegerator kits are elements of professional beer equipment, exactly the same as those installed in any beer restaurant or bar.

Types of kits

All proposed kits for creating a kegerator can be divided into two groups:

  • For a kegerator with a beer tap attached to the refrigerator door. This is a very common way to install a beer faucet. It is convenient in this way to produce bottling.
  • For a kegerator with a beer column on the lid. This installation option is suitable for a more traditional home bar design (of course, a refrigerator or a low-level freezer is used for it).

Based on how you are going to place your future kegerator in the interior, and which refrigerator you will use for this, you can make a choice of a suitable set of equipment containing all the necessary elements.

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