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Nowadays, to protect personal data and avoid fraudulent actions, more and more resources require registration with a phone number. This is not always convenient for Internet users for a number of reasons. Someone doesn’t want to enter their contact information into the network, and others already have another account tied to their phone number, but require a second account for work or personal use. In any case, using SMS verification services will be the best solution.

What are the advantages of using the service SMS verification

Among its main advantages of using virtual numbers and SMS verification service are the following:

  1. No need to go to the salon to buy a SIM-card;
  2. Possibility to use one number once or for a long time;
  3. Access to several virtual numbers at the same time, if necessary;
  4. Security, because the purchased number will never be shared with other clients.

How does SMS verification service works?

The verification SMS service algorithm is very simple. User rents a virtual number, enters the combination of numbers in the field for registration on the necessary site, gets a confirmation code for account activation in the personal cabinet and enters it to complete the registration process.

Service has its own equipment with inserted SIM-cards to which passwords and codes come. And the special software transmits all the necessary data to the user.

This is very convenient when you want to keep your privacy when registering in social networks, popular messengers or mail services. You can use a virtual number to receive personal messages, but in this case you should understand that you won’t be able to reply. Service is configured only to receive incoming messages.

Thus, the use of virtual numbers is a very convenient service. Moreover, it can be used for registration on foreign platforms. You can rent a number for a few hours to receive a single code, or pay for its use for a longer period and receive messages in unlimited quantities.

How to get a virtual number using SMS-man

Service allows its users to get a virtual mobile number, which will be able to receive SMS-messages required for registration in the messenger, social network, application, etc.

  1. To buy a temporary phone number using SMS-man service, first you have to add funds to your newly created account. All available methods of balance top up are presented on page “Payment”.
  2. Choose the most convenient way of payment and top up the balance of your created account.
  3. After refilling the account balance you can continue. Now on the main page select the country for the purchased virtual mobile number. In our case click on the link “Show all countries” (it is available in the “Choose the country”) and choose any option available.
  4. Then pick the desired service where you plan to register and activate your account.
  5. Now click on “Buy”. After this purchased virtual mobile number will be displayed in the top menu with the history of requests.

Congratulations, now virtual number is fully owned by you and ready to use. All received SMS you can also see directly on the site by clicking on “Get SMS” next to your mobile number.

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