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How Long Does Custom Gold Grillz Take

We have all seen the videos and pictures of rappers wearing Grillz. They look fantastic, and what’s even better is you can get them custom-made. This Grillz is usually available in the free market as a fits-all size. However, if you want yours to look and fit better, you can get them custom-made for you by professionals. Also, you can get gold grillz custom-made or even in platinum. However, make sure to get them from a rated place to last you long and have good quality.

What is Grillz?

The grill is a type of jewelry usually used by the hip-hop community. Grillz rose to popularity when rappers and hip-hop stars started wearing them. Soon after, even pop singers and other such celebrities started donning on Grillz in performances and red carpets. Grillz soon turned into a bit of a fashion statement. These are, in simple words, dental jewelry. However, grills are usually metals like gold or platinum, which shine beautifully. Unlike tooth caps that are more fitted, Grillz is removable and can be used for shorter periods, like for half a day.

How Long Does it Take to Make Custom Gold Grillz?

You can get yourself two kinds of Grillz, premade grills that are usually one size fits all, or get yours custom-made to fit your teeth perfectly. However, the time it takes to make them and put them on depends on which Grillz you prefer and who is doing the fitting for you.

1. Premade Grillz:

Premade Grillz is a more economical and faster option than custom-made ones. This Grillz will come prepared and can be made to fit your dental in only five minutes. The Grillz has a silicone set inside, which helps the Grillz sit perfectly on your tooth. This Grillz is also removable, and you can put them on and off according to your preference once you learn how to fix them to your teeth properly.

Premade grills also cost less than custom-made Grillz since they come ready to fit. Also, you will be able to get these on by yourself without the help of a dentist or molds. You can also choose whether you want gold, platinum, or mixed metal Grillz.

2. Custom-made Grillz

Custom-made Grillz takes some time. You can get them in various metals like gold or platinum, some of the most common options available. To get custom gold Grillz made, you will need to get the mold of your teeth structure. You can also do this at home by using a molding kit. However, the better thing to do would be to go to a dentist. Dentists can take the mold of your teeth more professionally without leaving any margin for error. The time it takes to get the custom gold Grillz made depends on how long you take to get the mold done.

If you have already discussed which kind of Grillz you want and other financial factors, usually, they will be able to give you the custom gold Grillz within a fortnight of you submitting your mold. However, if you are ordering from a foreign, it will take one to two months for the Grillz to reach, depending on customs and shipping.

How Much Does Custom Gold Grillz cost?

Well, pre-made Grillz will cost you less, but if you prefer good quality gold Grillz, it’s better to get them custom-made. You can get lightly coated gold Grillz from 150-300$ as a starting. However, if you want to get a solid one made of gold and good quality, that will cost you 225$ for a tooth. For a set of 8 teeth, you can get the whole set of 900$, without the charges of molding and custom making, which will cost a bit extra.

Will Grillz Hurt Your Teeth?

Grillz is a covering on top of your teeth, so if not used correctly, Grillz can cause a lot of damage. Firstly, it depends on what kind of Grillz you are using; since custom-made ones are one size fits all, it can break your tooth since the covering will not rest correctly on your teeth. However, if you get custom-made, the damage will be a lot less since they will fit the teeth smugly.

Damage can also occur based on what kind of Grillz you are wearing, Low-quality ones, and harm your teeth more than the good ones. Also, it is never a good option to sleep wearing your custom-made Grillz; since some people have the habit of clenching their jaw, the grillz will indeed cause you a lot of pain in the morning. Doctors suggest you wear Grillz for only 4 hours a day and not more than 12 hours.

If you have fake Grillz, the metal in that will start reacting once you wear it and start releasing acid, which will harm the gums and cause a bit of tooth decay. If you try to eat wearing the grillz, that is one of the worst decisions you can make, whether the Grillz are custom-made or premade. The food will get stuck in the metal, and the bacteria will contribute to tooth decay and bad breath.

How Long Will Your Custom Gold Grillz Last:

If you get good-quality gold grills, they should last you for a lifetime. Since Grillz are mostly like all essential jewelry, as long as you keep it clean and take care of it a bit, the grillz will last you a lifetime. However, the problem you might face later on, even if the grill lasts your lifetime, is that the tooth structure might change as you age. Therefore you will need to get them adjusted to your teeth every 5 or 6 years, even if there is no noticeable difference.


Get your custom gold Grillz made with good quality gold and keep them clean and polished after every use. However, it is essential to take care of your dental hygiene; therefore, never wear them during sleep and always try to wear them for only short periods.

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