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How Much Does Window Replacement Cost in Brampton?

The first thing that homeowners planning to install new doors and windows in Brampton would want to know is the price of such products.

Of course, such a renovation will cost a lot. However, in practice, these costs quickly pay for themselves: the house becomes safer and warmer. You will significantly reduce your electricity bills and will be able to save money. And the new windows and doors increase the total cost of the house if you decide to sell it.

It remains only to decide how much money to allocate for window replacement and which company to entrust the work to. Keep reading our article to know all the details.

2022 Home Window Replacement Cost in Brampton

The following factors affect the price of door and window structures replacement:

  • Frame material

Wood is beautiful, but not practical enough. This material is prone to rotting and needs regular care. In addition, such windows cost from $600. Quite expensive,  you see.

Fiberglass is another popular material. We do not recommend buying cheap models, as they are prone to rapid wear and deform easily. More or less quality products will cost from $400.

Vinyl offers the optimal ratio of quality and price. It looks good, it does not need any care, and it is inexpensive. The average price starts from $250.

  • Window and door size

The larger your chosen window and door systems, the more expensive they will be.

  • Glazing Features

It’s obvious that, for example, quality triple glazing costs more than the usual single-glass one. Additional coatings on the glass also affect the price.

  • Models

Different window models have different prices. For example, casement windows are about 10-15% more expensive than other models. Their price starts from $250.

For Single Hung you have to pay at least $200. Double Hung will be $100 more expensive.

One Awning window will cost about $350. Single Slider costs from $300, and Double Slider price starts from $400.

The average cost of front door replacement is $2,500.

The features of installation can also affect the final price.

Do you know where to buy the highest quality doors and windows in Brampton? We are ready to help you!

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