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How to Convert JPG to Excel Spreadsheet Effortlessly?

If you want to turn an image into excel spreadsheet format without any quality and formatting distraction, then you reach at the right post. In this informative context, we provide you with the best tools that do not involve huge manual intervention and sign-up processes to convert images to excel files. 

Did You Know!

Thanks to the OCR (Optical Character Recognition) function that lets you extract text from your photos and store it all into an editable MS Excel file. You could experience OCR-based image to excel conversion by visiting that offers free JPG to Excel converter online.


Online2PDF is a well-known conversion source that is loaded with a variety of online converters. It provides you with the best JPG to Excel converter for creating MS Excel files from the existing JPG image files. The upside is that this online web-based utility is capable of processing batch files conversion. Get this handy tool to process up to 20 image files per conversion. Remember that this online converter does not offer cloud import functionality. It allows you to add ODS files or simply drag and drop them into this converter online. When it comes to batch files conversion, it lets you process file sizes up to 150 MB. And, if you want to process  a single file conversion, then you can upload up to 100 MB file size. 


  • Allow you to turn up to 20 files per conversion
  • Batch conversions for up to 150 MB file size and a single conversion for up to 100 MB file size
  • Lets you process OCR JPG to Excel conversion
  • Functions for merge or separate conversion

How to convert Photo to Excel online with Online2PDF?

  • Navigate to the JPG to Excel converter by Online2PDF
  • Make a click on the Select Files button for adding the images from the existing storage
  • Very next, you ought to choose the conversion Mode and Excel as the output file format. And, this is where you have to make a selection for the OCR language
  • Now, click Convert button
  • This image to excel converter takes couple of seconds and automatically download your converted Excel file with OCR


This is a well-known online converter website that mainly accounts for making text extraction from the JPG, PNG, and different other image formats. You could consider its free JPG to Excel converter online that is designed to convert one or batch of images at once into Microsoft Excel files by using advanced OCR feature. Unlike its counterparts, this image to excel converter always serves you with 100% free single or batch files conversions, and even there’s no need to sign-up for conversions.


  • Full-fledged batch conversions from images to Excel files
  • 100% free OCR conversions
  • Multi-lingual supports with advanced OCR
  • Simply and easy to access interface
  • No sign-up and installation required

How to Convert Images to Excel Files with Cardscanner?

  • Open your default browser and fetch JPG to Excel converter online by cardscanner
  • Now start adding one or up to 10 images at once that you want to convert into excel and press Convert button
  • Download All converted Excel (xlsx) files at once now


If you’re seeking for a simple, but best tool that lets you convert one or multiple images to Excel, then Aspose is indicated as the best converter. This online files transformation source allows you to process up to 10 files per conversion. You just have to make a couple of clicks to merge up to 1- images into an editable Excel file with this online assistance. The upside is that this converter allows you to reposition the images for setting an order for conversion. In addition to that, users can opt-in for OCR for different numbers of languages. This online source is loaded with another online JPG to Excel converter that helps to convert each image file into a separate editable MS Excel file. 


  • Lets you proceed with up to 10 files per conversion 
  • Loaded with full-fledged OCR and re-positioning functions
  • Works best for merging pictures into an editable single Excel file

How to Change Image to Excel online on Aspose?

  • Move to this JPG to excel converter by Aspose
  • Drop your images into the designated box of this online converter
  • Navigate with the OCR options and choose the OCR language
  • Then, you ought to pick the output format as Excel. You can also navigate with xls, xlsx, or ods
  • Now, it’s time to set the image in your desired order
  • Click Convert button and wait for  a while to download your newly created Excel files


When it comes to turning your existing images into editable Microsoft Excel XLSX files, FileEagle is the remarkable opportunity to do so. This online file conversion tool works for converting up to 10 MV image files at once or per conversion. Keep in mind that it lets you turn each image file as an individual Excel file. This online utility allows you to process OCR-based conversion and you can even choose a language that is used in the specific image. 


  • Allow you to convert up to 10 files at once
  • Supports high quality OCR conversion
  • Single click downloading for the converted file

How to Convert JPG to Excel with FileEagle?

  • Access this image to excel converter by FileEagle
  • Add your images into this tool or simply add a image URL for importing the file from the cloud
  • Then, you ought to choose the language of the image and hit the Convert Now button to commence the conversion
  • Once done, you can be able to save the newly generated Microsoft Excel files

Thankfully, you explored a few best picks that lets you create MS Excel files from the existing images without losing quality as well as formatting. Choose one right now and start turning JPG, JPEG, PNG and other formats to Excel files. Good Luck!

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