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How To Fall Asleep When You Just Aren’t Feeling it

Ah, sleep. It’s good for your overall health. No matter how many energy drinks we invent, nothing is a substitute for a good night’s rest. While sleep needs can vary, you need around 7-8 hours of sleep on average. Some may need more, some may need less, but that’s about the ballpark amount.

Despite that, some people just can’t fall asleep no matter what they do. They feel wound up. Maybe they have anxiety, or perhaps they feel way too energetic for the cirumstances. You may have found yourself looking at articles about sleep, and they all list the same reasons. Take a bath, don’t use devices, take some melatonin, etc. If these aren’t working, here are some other ways you can get a good night’s rest.

Don’t Worry About Getting Sleep

This sounds counterproductive, but think about it. Insomnia can be a viscous cycle. You couldn’t fall asleep last night, and the next night, you are worried about not falling asleep. This keeps you up at night, and so it goes. To top it all off, you may be worried about work, school, family, (by the way, click here if you have children,) and other things.

We know it’s easier said than done, but try not to worry so much. Go to bed at a reasonable hour, try to wake up at a reasonable time, and realize that sleep will come. Don’t desperately try to go back to sleep. It’s just going to make you even more awake.

Night Modes Are Your Friend

Every article about falling asleep says you shouldn’t look at a screen before bed. Some say you shouldn’t do that an hour before bed, and some will have a whopping two hours before bed.

In a world where we unwind with Netflix and are constantly checking our phones, this is a bit of a tall order. While you should lessen your usage of devices, there are ways you can reduce their impact should you need them.

For example, many phones have blue light filters. Blue light is the main light that keeps you awake. Put on that filter if you have to use your phone at night. Some devices have a night mode as well where they have warm colors to make you feel sleepy. Sites have night modes as well, making everything dark.

The better way would be not to use those devices at all, but who does that nowadays?

Try CBD Products

Melatonin, herbal tea, Nootopics, and other products can be good for sleep, but CBD is an emerging way of helping. It’s legal in most places and is derived from the cannabis plant but has no psychoactive effects. There are many ways to take it, but the most potent has to be finding some CBD flower. Because it’s still hard to study cannabis, the effects of the plant are still being studied, but many have found CBD relaxing and a good way to unwind. Try some and see what it can do for you.

Try Online Therapy

If you still cannot fall asleep, why not speak to an online therapist? An online therapist works on your schedule, and you can talk to one right in the middle of an insomniac episode. Online psychotherapy has worked for many people, and we believe that it can work for you too. You can talk to a therapist through video chat or texting, making it ideal if you need to be quiet or want the full experience. Just make sure you have your night mode on!

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