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How to Improve Productive While Working from Home?

Now that WFH is the new normal, how to stay productive is becoming a serious concern. It has increased pressure and strain beyond typical telecommuting environments. Leaders have taken this into account, and they are doing whatever they can to keep their workforce productive. They have recommended their remote teams to upgrade their internet plans (which is why so many people in the USA are into Spectrum internet plans to stay connected. Some employers are doing Zoom conference calls as a regular thing to keep their workforce connected.

Employers can’t keep productivity intact alone. Employees must take the initiative too. Follow these tips to boost your productivity and get more work done in a day:

1: Follow a Schedule

Physically checking-in in the office typically meant adhering to a routine, which stayed consistent from start to finish. Create such a routine for remote work as well.

Since there’s no commute, you can wake up even 2 minutes before the work-shit, right? Well, this is the first thing that takes away your productivity. Plus, a lack of schedule makes it harder to maintain a work-life balance. You won’t get anything done on time, and you will continue to work outside the work hours too.

The only way to avoid this is to create a schedule. Wake up at least an hour before your shift, stretch a little, have breakfast, and then get your work-day started. Set a lunch hour as well. Get all the work done and sign off at the end of your shift.

2: Work from a Dedicated Space

Don’t work from your bedroom, living room, or kitchen. Instead, choose a dedicated space to work. Once your work-shift is over, and you leave that dedicated room, your mind and body will relax.

3: Don’t Stick to Home

In some regions, coffee shops and libraries are now open. If that’s you and you are still WFH, switch your place of work. In other words, get out of the house and work in these spaces where Wi-Fi is available.

This change stimulates energy and keeps you productive even if you are not sitting in an official workplace.

4: Say No to Social Media

Social media is the most convenient distraction. If you want to get some work done, it’s suggested to remove all social media browser shortcuts and log out of every account. If it helps, work in incognito mode. This ensures you stay signed out of all accounts. Limit your social media breaks during the day, and you are guaranteed to get more work done.

5: Figure Out Your Most Productive Hours

No one can remain productive throughout the day. We all have our highs and lows. To get the most work done, figure out when you are productive.

Most people are productive in the day-time. Capitalize on your most productive hours and use this time to accomplish the hardest tasks. Knock out the easier tasks outside these hours since they won’t require much brain work.

6: Match Music to the Task at Hand

Have you ever done chores with music? It really fast-tracks you. Some routine work tasks can be done with music on the side to give a boost. Some of us already have a work playlist that helps us stay focus. Tap into that to give yourself a push.

7: Take Short Breaks

Hands down, it’s impossible to stay productive without taking breaks. Rather than watching something on YouTube to give yourself a break, take actual breaks. Step away from your desk and go outside. Take your dog for a walk in the park, maybe. However, it’s essential to keep the breaks short; otherwise, the work tempo breaks.

8: Pick a Finishing Time

Working from home doesn’t establish a work-life balance. Instead, you get so caught up in a relaxing environment that you completely lose track of time. Many people have been working past their work-hours because they haven’t been able to complete their KPIs.

The only way to avoid this is to have a definitive finishing time. Your mind will push yourself to complete all tasks before the end of work-day.

9: Prepare Meals the Day Before

You should never be wasting time cooking food during your work-shit just because you are working from home. Always prepare food the night before like you used to before the pandemic.

10: Be Patient

In these unprecedented times, everyone is a little overwhelmed and stressed. Practice patience to remain calm.

Develop the habit of expressing gratitude. This will change your mentality. Meditate or do yoga to relieve stress. Make time for wellness. Don’t hesitate to reach out for help.


These simple tips will significantly boost your productivity. Stop wasting your time on social and other unproductive tasks. Even buying an Internet deal can become very distracting. I remember how I wasted my whole day checking out Cox deals to get a better speed tier. So, cut through the noise and stay productive.

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