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How to Remove a PopSocket?

Removing a pop socket is essential for your mobile or tablet. So, that’s why you have to understand how to remove a pop socket. So, if you follow my instruction and steps properly then you can remove your mobile or tablet pop socket easily.
Pop Sockets are ideal for holding the phone with one hand. But if you have a new case or have updated your phone and want to keep your Pop Socket, you will have to remove it from your current device. What is the good news? Can be done!

How to remove a Pop Socket?

how to remove pop socket


Having trouble dropping your Pop Socket? Try to floss under the adhesive to start – this is easier with a second pair of hands to help. And now your phone is clean and free of Pop Socket, leaving you ready to add a new case, put it back in your back pocket or put your favourite Pop Socket on your next device. Removing a Pop Socket is very simple. No sticky phone! These are the steps to remove your Pop Socket:

1. Know where your Pop Socket goes next. If you are moving it to a new position or another phone, you will have to do it within fifteen minutes after the Pop Socket is removed so that the adhesive gel does not dry out.
2. Collapse your Pop Socket so that it is flat against your device.
3. Start moving the Pop Socket away from the device, running your fingernails below the disc as you lift it.
4. Carefully remove the Pop Socket from your device until it releases.
That is all! The gel must remain sticky, so you can place the Pop Socket on another device or move it to a different place on the current machine.

Reuse of a Pop Socket

If the gel of a Pop Socket gets dirty, you can wash it with water and let it dry for ten minutes before placing it on a device. Do not leave the adhesive gel exposed to air for more than fifteen minutes to prevent drying.
Our test included applying a Pop Socket to a box, removing it and then using it to the phone itself. Then, we removed the Pop Socket again, confirming that the adhesive gel did not leave any residue in the box or on the phone once removed.

How do you remove a Pop Socket plate?

The best way to remove it is to flatten it and peel up slowly from one side of the platform (the sticky part), don’t pull up with your Pop Socket expanded or it might Pop out of the base of your device. If you’re having trouble with that, try a bit of dental floss! Just slide it under your Pop Socket platform to peel it away.

What is the Pop Socket?

Pop Socket is an accessory that works as a fastener and base for your mobile equipment, which expands or compresses thanks to a mechanism similar to that of accordions. Add only one, or a pair of Pop Sockets, to the back of almost any mobile device.

What support should you buy?

Here the use you are going to give the accessory depends a little more. If what you are looking for is something with a more stylized look and that can be easily customized, the recommendation we give you is that you opt for the Pop Socket since it has many accessories of many colours, you can even make a collection with the most you like them.

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