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How to swap XRM easily

The launch of the Ethereum platform marked the birth of a new type of economy. Decentralized applications for various purposes and smart contracts have become the embodiment of the idea of automating business processes. 

Later, Ethereum has competitors that offer the same features, but improved in one or more important ways. It sounds incredible, but some of the existing competitors of ETH were originally deployed on the Ethereum blockchain itself.

This is how the famous Binance cryptocurrency exchange began its activity, the modern leader in terms of trading volumes, including XMR to BTC conversion. The new exchange quickly acquired its own blockchain and grew into a full-fledged competitive structure. 

Today, launching your own crypto project is generally not difficult and not too expensive. The choice of platforms on which it can be placed is no longer limited to Ethereum and Binance Smart Grid.

Some cryptocurrency projects based on the Ethereum blockchain do not set such ambitious goals and do not plan to compete with the parent platform. Their goal is to help improve the platform. Among the brightest representatives of this type of projects is Polygon. But not every startup inevitably becomes successful, just like in any other business.

Aerum project

The problems of early blockchains are fairly well known to users. First of all, it is the low bandwidth of the network. Its direct consequences are low scalability, low transaction processing speed and high fees.

The Aerum project was launched with the goal of creating and providing a practical, ready-to-use infrastructure for creating and using dApps. It was supposed to be a platform with the ability to scale up to 100,000+ transactions per second and zero fees for users.

It was planned that thanks to such characteristics, based on the Aerum platform, it would be possible to launch dApps, marketplaces, social networks, games, and prediction markets.

The developers of Aerum planned to create the number one platform based on Ethereum, where its participants can achieve almost unlimited scalability. It was planned to achieve such indicators through the creation of decentralized networks of side chains (petalchas). With high platform performance and very low chain and asset transfer costs, this looked like an achievable goal.

The Aerum team did not set out to become a competitor to Ethereum. The project aimed to improve upon the original blockchain by supplementing it with a high-performance, decentralized-governed dApp platform, as opposed to the single-operator Plasma sidechain.

Network security was achieved through the full compatibility of Aerum with Ethereum. However, something went wrong, the project quickly died out and disappeared from the radar

The network launched its own token AERUM (XRM). It was kept on the Ethereum blockchain to ensure consensus on dxPoS for the Aerum blockchains. At the moment, it is extremely difficult to find data on the platforms where the token is traded.

Where to change XRM

Is it possible to exchange XRM now? This is a rather difficult question, so interest in the coin has been exhausted. It’s not uncommon to see the XRM ticker on the web applied to an entirely different coin, Monero, a highly sensitive longtime fork of Bitcoin.

The easiest way to exchange MATIC to CAKE, XMR and any of the over 2000 coins is to go to LetsExchange. Then your task is to carefully fill in the exchange widget step by step:

  • In the upper field on the right, select the name of the coin from the drop-down list or enter it by hand letter by letter. On the left, enter the amount of coins for sale.
  • In the lower field, similarly, select or enter the name of the coin to buy. The system will automatically calculate the amount to be credited.
  • Press the “Exchange” button
  • Top up the deposit.

Specify the wallet address to which the coins will be credited after the transaction is completed.

The search and selection of the best offer according to the given parameters is performed automatically. You do not need to look through megabytes of information, look for an exchange with the best conditions, waste time on registration and other actions. With LetsExchange, any swap will be executed as quickly as it is technically possible.

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