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Ideas You Need to Know About the Introduction of Blended Learning

The coming of the pandemic has caused a lot of disarray to many activities. Schools and learning institutions were shut down, and all the students were forced to go home. However, since learning has to go on, many institutions introduce what they called blended learning. Change is inevitable, and all the students have to adapt to this new method of learning. Some students who like classroom teaching find it challenging, while others find it adventurous. In this article, we are going to ooze all grotesque grimaces that have to happen from the students about this blended learning.

Increased assignments

The was increased assignment and homework for students. Many students were overwhelmed with a lot of work in their homes. The teachers felt like the student had more time hence giving them more homework. They instructed them to do more writing, read more novels, writing notes and assignments. It’s good that there is an opportunity to pay someone to do homework, but even though so, teachers were not supposed to overwork them.

Students are always notorious. Some students came up with ways to ease the work. They would form assignment groups, where one bright student would do the assignment forward to the other and vice versa.  There were websites where they would copy the assignment from. As a student, it is good to train your mind to do your assignment without any assistance.

There is more to learn

The termination of physical learning created a way for online classes. Students would stay at their homes. They would study using either google class or Zoom application. These online classes helped students to realize they have more time for other activities. For example, an extracurricular event like playing basketball, hang out with family and neighbors. Students would communicate with their friends and allies using video calls and voice calls. Some students would escape their house choir work by pretending to be having online classes.

Poor communication with teachers

There was poor communication between both. Many students felt like their teachers did not exploit the subject well. Sometimes the teachers would not be clear during video sessions. The teachers were feeling like students were not listening—no good flow of the lesson from both. Instructors would post an assignment without informing the students. They would even have classes without the consent of many students.

Students would create their own time to read

Students are dynamic. There are student knows how to manage their time well. They create their timetable and study at their own favorite time. Some students do not like reading under supervision; they like reading at their own pace. Such students were able to read and learn better than those who cannot read without guidelines.

Online classes created more time that would be wasted moving to school. The bright student would finish their assignment earlier. They would have time to their hobbies like watching your favorite series money heist and prison break

No difference between home and school

Not everyone can work from home. The more you stay indoors, the more to tend to eat. Working from home also has many distractions like your children and neighbor loud music. Working from home also makes some people sleep more.

If you know you cannot manage to work from home, find another method. Working from home causes distraction and confusion. This is because you fail to differentiate between home and school. It is good to avoid working a lot at home. Home is the place for relaxing and attending to your family. Practice differentiating between home and workplace.


Both methods of learning have their pros and cons. In life, it is good to stay alert and expect anything. Be quick to adapt to positive change. As a student, learn to incorporate these new changes and learn. Schools and all learning institutions should put up the measure to help schools adopt these new changes. Learning cannot stop; hence all the stakeholders should come together and find the way forward.

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