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Instacruze: 5 Tips for Effective Instagram Story Ads

With social media marketing rising in popularity, Instagram has become one of the best platforms for brands and businesses to achieve their goals. As a result, the social media app has become a game-changer in marketing and Advertising. One of the primary reasons for Instagram’s high demand among businesses is the massive number of users. The app has billions of monthly active users, allowing companies to reach a global reach and bring in their target audience. 

Instagram promotes brands to use their platform by providing them with various features. One such feature is Instagram Stories. They are highly engaging short-form content that quickly grabs viewers’ attention. The app also has multiple Advertising options to help businesses increase their reach and promote their products or services. So, by creating an Instagram Story Ad, you get the benefits of Stories and Ads. You can also buy automatic instagram story views to get the best results from your Story Ads. 

What are Instagram Story Ads? 

Instagram Stories are vertical and full-screen content that appears at the top of the users’ feeds. Story Ads appear in between Stories when users are scrolling through the content. So, Instagram Story Ads increase the chances of your target audience seeing your campaign. Moreover, unlike organic Instagram Stories that disappear after 24 hours, the Story Ads will remain until your campaign period ends. 

How to Create an Instagram Story Ad?

Step 1: To create an Instagram Story Ad, go to Ads Manager and click create. 

Step 2: Next, you will get the option to choose your objective. You can select the objective based on your goals from the options given.

Step 3: Select the placement of your Ad and choose the Instagram Story option.

Step 4: Set a budget and time frame for your campaign.

Step 5: Opt for either the carousel or the single photo or video Ad format. 

Step 6: Insert the desired image and video. Now your Story Ad is ready to go live. 

Benefits of Instagram Story Ads

Increased Reach:  One of the best reasons to employ Instagram Story Ads is its high engagement rate. Almost every Instagram user spends a reasonable amount of time on Instagram Stories. Therefore, it increases the chances of more people seeing your Advertisement compared to other Ad formats. 

Brand Awareness: Do you want your brand to thrive on Instagram? Then you need to increase your brand’s awareness among the audience. Instagram Story Ads are very engaging and, as we have seen above, get a broad reach among the Instagram audience. The website The Small Business Blog claims, with a higher reach and engagement rate, you can build brand awareness, bringing in new customers.

Quality Lead Generation: Every organization needs to generate quality leads to promote its products and services. A good number of leads can help you keep a tab on the people interested in your products. You can later reach out to them and convert them into potential customers. With Instagram Story Ads, you can reach out to your target audience, which increases your chances of generating more leads. 

Drive Website Traffic: In this digital era, building a solid online presence is the only way brands can stay ahead of the competition. Staying on top of the search engine rankings is the most effective to establish your brand’s presence. Using Instagram Story Ads, you can encourage viewers to visit your website, increasing your website’s traffic. And, by driving a good amount of traffic to your website, you have a higher chance of ranking in the search engines. 

Tips to Create Effective Story Ads

  1. Stick to Instagram’s Dimensions

If you want your Story Ad to be effective, the first rule is to follow the dimensions suggested by Instagram. This way, your content will be pleasant to the viewer’s eyes. Instagram Story supports vertical videos and images, so ensure that your content is vertical. This makes your story more attractive, allowing you to easily capture the audience’s attention.

  1. Hook Your Audience in the Begining

The first few seconds of your Instagram Story Ads matter if you want the Ad to be successful. The Instagram audience may skip through the Ad if they find it long. The audience needs to find the Ad useful to give you the desired results. So if you want to catch their attention, you need to hook them to your story right from the beginning. This will ensure that your Ad is effective and gives your brand’s message to your target customers. You can also opt for Instacruze to increase your story views and improve the effectiveness of your Ad.    

  1. Give a Short and Clear Message

Similar to the above-mentioned point, you don’t have much time on Instagram Story Ads to impress your audience. So it would be best if you kept your message short and direct. This way, your target audience will know what exactly your ad is trying to convey. For example, if you want the audience to buy a product, you should tell them exactly why they should buy it. A short and clear Story Ad increases the chances of converting the audience to potential buyers. 

  1. Feature Influencers in Your Story Ads

Every Instagram user knows that Influencers are the trendsetters of the app. So, partnering with influencers can get the best results for your Story Ad. Featuring an Influencer in your Ad can automatically catch your audience’s eye. Moreover, they have the potential to increase the audience’s trust in your brand. So just featuring them in your Ad can help you increase the popularity of your brand. 

  1. Keep it Engaging

The audience will interact with your Story Ad only if it is engaging. Instagram stories have a lot of features that can help you make your Story Ads more engaging. You can use various stickers to make it creative and add music. Ensure that you add a compelling CTA to let the audience know how they can proceed further. An engaging Story Ad is more likely to be viewed by more audience, making the Ad effective. You can also try using Instacruze to increase your profile engagement to get a broader reach for your Story Ad. 

Wrapping Up

Story Ads are the best way to promote your business on Instagram. They have the potential to get a broad reach, therefore bringing the best results for your advertisements. In addition, a good Story Ad can drastically improve your marketing strategy. Follow these tips to leverage Instagram Story Ads and skyrocket your business’s growth.

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