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Kaspersky Antivirus Security And Its Features

Antivirus softwares are the programs designed for computer security against harmful viruses, worms, trojan horses and other unwanted security breachers that destroys your system internally. These viruses, worms perform tasks like deleting files, accessing data without permission. They often use your computer to attack other computers. To keep your computer systems healthy, install Kaspersky antivirus free package to prevent unauthorised security breaches. There are multiple websites like bzfuture that offers you antivirus software discount. They have subscription plans according to your need for a reasonable price. Once installed, you can update your antivirus software for better security and keep your system healthy.

Multiple Identification Methods-

There are several ways which antivirus uses to detect the malware-

  • Sandbox Detection- This technique is based on a particular behaviour of malware. Execution of a program is done in a virtual environment, listing the actions performed by the program. Depending on the actions listed, it determines whether the program is corrupted or not.
  • Data Mining- Data mining is the latest technique in malware detection. They use machine learning algorithms to determine the behaviour of a file.
  • Signature-Based Detection- This is a traditional method of determining the malware which heavily depends on signatures. When malware arrives it is handed to the antivirus firm then it is analysed by the technicians. Once it is determined that it is a malware, a proper signature file is extracted and saved in the antivirus software database.
  • Heuristics- Many viruses start as a single entity, and through mutations or various refinements, it can grow in dozens of different strains called variants. Generic detection removes multiple threats using a single virus definition. This method of detection is fast as it is easy to detect a virus family instead of a single virus.
  • Rootkit Detection- Rootkit is a type of malware which can gain an administrative level control over the computer system which is detected. It can change the basic working of an operating system. It can make anti-virus programs ineffective. These are very difficult malware to remove from the computer system it may require a complete re-installation of the OS. Antivirus programs are pre-installed with a rootkit detection function.
  • Real-Time Protection- Real-time protection includes access scanning, resistant shield, auto-protect and various anti-spyware and anti-malware programs. This monitors your system for suspicious activity such as viruses, adware and other malicious objects in real-time. Real-time means scanning is done while inserting a Pendrive, CD or installing the downloaded data.

It is developed by Kaspersky security lab in 1997 with a stable release in 2020. It supports Microsoft windows,macos, Linux, ios and android operating systems.

Specification Requirements To Install Kaspersky-

It works with Windows XP with the processor requirement of Intel Pentium 4 with a clock speed of 800 MHz. The RAM should be of 512MB and should have free hardware drive space of 480 MB.  For windows vista or later versions clock speed should be 1 GHz with RAM of 1GB.

Features Of Kaspersky Antivirus Free Package-

  • It includes real-time protection.
  • It includes instantaneous and automatic update via Kaspersky security network.
  • It gives you an option to backup your data.
  • It configures web policies like restricting and logging of user activity.
  • Password manager reduces the burden of remembering passwords.
  • It provides data encryption.
  • This application protects all financial transactions by launching an ultra-secure browser.
  • It allows the monitoring of all activities in the local area network.


It is very important to protect your data from various cyber threats. It is very important to choose the best protection program for your computer. Kaspersky antivirus free package comes handy as it provides multiple features that keep your system healthy and data secure. You can get antivirus software discounts on bzfuture.

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