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Muhammad Danish Khatri, explains the importance of Digi marketing in the modern world

The digital marketing expert and entrepreneur owns his company named ‘One Source Soft’

Optimizing the resources and tools of the digital space is a boon for businesses and industries across the world, says the impeccable digital marketing expert and entrepreneur.

The advent of various business industries and fields today makes us wonder what has really changed the game for them. The world has definitely experienced enormous changes and developments, especially from the last few years; however, some changes have gone ahead in thriving businesses and how. It is imperative for us to understand what is that magic potion that has helped these businesses thrive to such outstanding levels. Muhammad Danish, aka Art Danish, a youngster from Hyderabad, Pakistan, has now come forward to explain to us what he believes has led the business world to such advancements. “Digital marketing”, says the young talent, who is of the opinion that these two words have done the job for businesses across the world, and not just that, also the endless opportunities the digital space has offered them have changed things for them for the better.

Being an impeccable digital marketing expert and entrepreneur who owns his company named ‘One Source Soft’ says that when he noticed the digital boom, he knew what he wanted to do all his life. Although he had started learning experiences as a freelancer and took web development projects while in college, his early inclination towards digital marketing changed his life. The young talent today explains why digital marketing is important in the modern-day world.

• Wider reach: Art Danish says that people, brands, and businesses today can optimize the resources and tools present with the digital space and reach their target audience in a more cost-effective and measurable way, which was not the case with traditional forms of marketing and advertising. This allows people to reach a global marketplace.

• More interactions: Digital marketing plays an important role in holding more conversations and interactions with customers and the brand’s prospects, giving them the opportunity to learn what they are seeking.

• Increased brand loyalty: Knowing more people through consistent interactions, Art Danish says that personally knowing their audience can gradually lead them to become loyal customers to their brand, which creates brand loyalty.

• Easy tracking: Art Danish highlights that digital marketing has made possible things people did even imagine a few years back. He says that today entrepreneurs and brands can track responses to their marketing efforts instantly and effortlessly.

As explained by Muhammad Danish, all the above points prove why digital marketing is essential for the modern-day world and how important it has become for entrepreneurs and brands to absorb in their daily working to thrive in their respective niches and fields like never before.

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