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New cleaning opportunities with floor scrubbers

There are a lot of hard flooring types which differ both in structure and operational characteristics. The main flooring types the most widely used in modern buildings are stone floors, ceramic tile, linoleum, wood floors, ring, and laminate flooring. Supportive measures should be taken to prolong the flooring’s service life depending on the flooring type. Irregular and improper care of carpets leads to premature deterioration and changes in original color and texture. Any flooring retains its fresh appearance only to follow correct and regular treatment. This issue can be easily solved after visiting this site: fairy clean out.


The capabilities and dimensions of a given kind of scrubbing machine determine the scope of work that can be done with that particular machine. Scrubbing the floor in public places like restaurants, workplaces, or even the foyer of a private home is no problem for compact and portable cleaning machines. And the most productive polishing machines with driver’s seats are the ideal alternative for supermarkets and amusement centers, train stations, and airports, where they can easily clean big areas. Additionally, these machines are the best option for cleaning large areas. It is important to note that some businesses choose not to buy scrubbers but rather lease them instead in situations when the polisher is only used sometimes. In these kinds of situations, the scrubber is used.

There is a wide variety of floor scrubbers available today, manufactured by some of the most well-known companies in the world for the production of high-tech, dependable, and effective scrubbing machinery. These floor scrubbers are designed to meet the requirements of both domestic and commercial settings. Floor scrubbers can be broken down into three categories: low-speed disc machines, high-speed disc machines, and combined (two-speed) disc machines. Low-speed disc machines are used to treat stubborn dirt and stains in the floor covering structure; high-speed disc machines are used for polishing to shine state and radiant purity cleaning, and combined (two speed) disc machines are universal polishing equipment that can solve multiple issues at the same time.


There are also specialized models available, such as those with a spray solution and a tank for the storage of chemical agents and detergent (useful when you need to clean a carpet from dirt), models with a vacuum system (which allows you to delete unwanted abrasive particles or dirt), and models with an operator seat. In addition, there are specialized models available (great for long-term work in large areas).

Modern cleaning equipment was designed to match all customers’ cleaning tasks for hard and textile floor coverings. All single disc machines are equipped with a long power cord and are enabled by electricity. Most of the models have excellent balance and weight distribution, equipped with a centrally located powerful electric motor, which is easy to maintain, ensures equal contact pressure of cleaning brush on the floor, and simplifies disk machine management. Three swivels installed in high-speed disc machines ensure machine-neutral position preservation and allow them to move freely back and forward. It is easy to replace a machine brush: a wear-resistant metal-to-metal connection system allows easy replacement of the brush.


Current models are equipped with reliable planetary gear; the new planetary gear offers a substantial improvement in torque (compared to a traditional belt-driven). Additionally, it lessens the amount of wear and tear, along with the accompanying maintenance costs. To apply this technology in a professional setting, these arguments are of the utmost significance. The working surface of professional disc machines is often constructed out of woolen or synthetic materials. The colors of the cleaning discs, and consequently the spheres in which they are used, can vary. If you want to learn more about floor cleaning and maintenance, check out this website: hello talja.

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