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OID 112918 – How to Clean Acrylic Picture Frames

As acrylic is stronger than glass, people prefer Acrylic picture frames. But, how do people clean the Acrylic picture frames the right way? Cleaning the acrylic frames is different than cleaning the glass frames. The process is altogether different, and people have to take care of the things like scratches and breakage of the frame. That’s why it’s essential to know how to clean acrylic photo frames with ease. If you are unsure how to clean acrylic picture frames, you are at the right place. In this post, we will share detailed information on acrylic photo frames and how you can easily clean them without damaging the frames.

Cleaning Acrylic Picture Frame The Right Way

#1 – Avoid using any type of chemicals

If you are cleaning your acrylic picture frame at home, it is essential to remember that you should not use any chemicals on the frame to clean it. The reason? It will damage the frame badly and even destroy its original color. You need to avoid using soaps or detergents for cleaning the acrylic picture frame. You can use vinegar or alcohol but avoid using any type of chemicals to clean your photo frames.

#2 – Use mild soap and water

People often make the mistake of using soaps or detergents for cleaning the acrylic photo frame. But, if you are doing this, then it will damage the finish of the frame. That’s why it is essential to use mild soaps and water for the cleaning process. You will find sophisticated soaps made for cleaning acrylic or other sensitive surfaces in the market. If you can avoid using soaps and detergents, you need to do it correctly.

#3 – Use a microfiber cloth for cleaning

When we talk about how to clean an acrylic picture frame, one of the best ways is to use a microfiber cloth for cleaning the frame. It feels smooth on your hands, and you can easily clean it without damaging the style of the frame. The Microfiber cloth will attract all the dust particles, which might damage the frame and scratch the surface, ruining the clean look of the frame. So, it’s essential to use a Microfiber cloth for regular cleaning.

#4 – Be gentle while cleaning the frame

When cleaning the acrylic picture frame, it is essential to be delicate and gentle with your photo frame. You need to take care of it like a baby to clean acrylic photo frames properly so that you can avoid any scratches or breakage of the frame. If you are gentle and delicate while cleaning it, then it will prolong the life of your acrylic picture frame for a longer duration of time.

#5 – Use a toothbrush to clean the edges

Another way to clean the acrylic photo frames is by using a brush or any other similar utensil to clean around the edges of the frame. It will help in removing the dust from around it and also helps in cleaning the frame properly. If you clean your photo frame holder with a toothbrush, then you can easily remove all the dirt or grime from around it.

#6 – Keep the frame out of sun rays

You need to keep your acrylic picture frames away from direct sunlight as it can cause the flare of your photo frame. Direct sunlight can damage acrylic, and you need to choose the right place for keeping your picture frames. It might not be a direct method to clean the acrylic frame, but it will help you to keep it safe for a long time after cleaning it thoroughly.

Final Words

Acrylic frames are stronger and suitable for those who have huge photos hanging in their living rooms. But the process of keeping them clean is different than a glass photo frame. In this post, we tried our best to share all the knowledge of how to clean acrylic picture frames with ease. Follow these methods, and you will have a forever clean photo frame.

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