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Reasons to Use Hospital Curtains

Curtains have a major role in our daily lives; we utilize them in our houses and our offices for blocking out sunlight and for privacy. In addition to this, curtains are thoroughly used in hospitals. In fact, their purpose in hospital holds great importance, and are used in almost every department and sector of a medical and healthcare facility. Lateral Medical Australia has made curtains up of different materials for various purposes. Amongst these materials, Vinyl curtains are the best. They are the most reliable fabric for hospital use, primarily because vinyl fabrics can efficiently avoid wear and tear which is very essential due to the extensive usage of these curtain experiences. In addition to this, their surface allows for more protection against antimicrobial that can last for many years. Curtains made from vinyl fabric last long, give more protection against viruses, and since they do not require frequent replacement, they save a lot of money   

Privacy Curtains

In hospitals, the primary use of a curtain is to use it as a partition wall. This partitioning is usually done to separate one cubicle from another. Private wards in hospitals are extremely expensive, not everyone has the luxury to afford an entire room just for themselves in a hospital. That is when these privacy curtains are used to divide a certain room, hence accommodating more than one patient in a single room. Emergency sections or the Intensive Care Units (ICU) also make use of these curtains for dividing a large room or hall into small operating units. Privacy curtains give patients the essential privacy they require during their stay at the hospital. Like every human, being privacy is very important for patients as well and they take great comfort if it’s been guarded. Apart from hospitals, other types of facilities that can utilize these cubicle curtains include rehabilitation facilities, physical therapy clinics, mental health facilities, and nursing homes.

Shower Curtains

Another critical type of curtain used in medical and healthcare facilities around the globe are the shower curtains. These are essentially used to protect a patients’ privacy while using a shower unit, which also promotes a certain level of sanitation. These curtains are made up of special material that helps in containing viruses and bacteria from spreading to other parts of the facilities. Bed-ridden patients desperately need curtains of this sort. These curtains have an anti-microbial surface that has the capability to resist various infections. This does not only keeps the showering unit clean but also promotes and preserves the health of other patients. Like hospital bed curtains, a wide variety of facilities can use these curtains. Shower curtains are available in various sizes, depending on the size of the showering unit. In addition to this, they can also be made to a customized size.   

Disposable Curtains

Disposable curtains are an alternative to fabric curtains, they are made up of non-woven polypropylene and are 100 percent recyclable. Another useful feather is that they have pleats, which allows a large curtain to be reduced to a few inches. They are quite useful since continuous removal of used curtains maintains a certain level of hygiene and also reduces the laundry cost.  

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