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Roofr: Roofing Software & CRM Roofing Tips

Are you looking for a great way to manage your roofing business? Is tracking your projects manually tiresome and inconvenient? Roofing software like Roofr may be what you need. Roofr is a tool dedicated to making the roofing process easier for contractors.

It comes with Customer Relationship System (CRM) tools that help with managing customer relations and streamlining your business operations. Keep reading to learn about how Roofr’s CRM software can help your business acquire more loyal clients.

What is Roofr, exactly?

Roofr is a web-based roofing contractor software that aids contractors in estimating roof measurements and creating eye-catching proposals. It also contains a material calculation feature that determines the amount of roofing materials a project requires for completion. Furthermore, it helps in estimating a roof’s cost.

What features does Roofr offer?

Here are some features that the platform offers.

  • A material calculator – This calculator can be used to estimate the amount of roofing materials required for a project.
  • A simple user interface -The platform’s user interface is easy to use. Having new users easily pick up on how to use it makes implementation easy.
  • Customer relationship management (CRM) tools – Built-in CRM tools help you manage customer data and monitor their satisfaction after roof installation.
  • Instant quotes – This feature estimates a project’s cost in minutes. Figures are accurate to prevent your businesses from experiencing loss due to resource waste.
  • A 3D visualization tool -This tool makes it possible for customers to view how their completed roof will look even before roofing starts. This allows you to better serve your customers based on their needs.
  • A project management tool -This tool is responsible for enabling customers to monitor their project’s progress. It also allows you to check on the project’s budget to prevent overrun.
  • Web-based features -Web-based features enable users to log in to their account and view the progress of their projects from any location.
  • A mobile app -This feature lets you view a project’s progress from your mobile device.
  • GPS mapping GPS mappingmeans accurate measurements. It also allows roofing contractors to work visually, remotely.
  • 24-hour support – Roofr has a support team ready at all times to help users experiencing technical difficulties.
  • A maintenance monitoring tool -This ensures that installed roofs remain in the best condition possible.
  • Great subscription plans – Roofr’s subscription prices are accessible for all roofing businesses. The plans come in free, Pro, and Premium offerings. A Pro plan requires a subscription fee of $89/month, while a Premium plan has a subscription fee of $149/month.

Benefits of using Roofr

Here’s how you can benefit from using platforms like Roofr.

  • The support team is always available to provide guidance and assistance to users
  • Roofers can add or delete team members on a given project easily
  • DIY reports are always free if you’re using the free plan
  • Measurement reports are available for download within hours. A free plan is available after 24 hours, a Pro plan after 6 hours, and a Premium plan after 3 hours
  • It saves time due to its simple interface

How to create a Roofr account

While using the application, follow these steps.

  1. Visit Roofr’s official website from any device.
  2. If you’re a new user, hit “Sign up”. The button is colored blue and is located at the top right-hand corner.
  3. Hit the “login” button located next to the “Sign up” option.
  4. The user dashboard opens up when you provide the right credentials.
  5. You can then use the platform as you see fit. You can try out the “Measurements” tab or view some stunning proposal templates. It’s up to you.

What is CRM?

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a business management tool used to manage customer data and analyze interactions between sales leads, contractors, and customers. CRM helps roofing businesses create a good relationship with their customers, leading to customer satisfaction.

Roofr helps by providing tools that empower you to meet your clients’ needs. It also helps with managing roofing projects.

The benefits of using Roofr’s CRM tools

  • Enables roofing businesses to keep an eye on their customers– Roofing companies can easily monitor their customers and follow up to ensure that they’re satisfied with the provided service.
  • Improves marketing– Since you’ll be able to better monitor customer interaction (tracking contact info, purchase history, and preferences), you can then use the collected information to target potential customers.
  • Automates processes– Roofing companies save time by automating various duties performed manually. This automation, in turn, reduces operating costs and improves efficiency.
  • Facilitates the tracking of sales– CRM provides a means through which you can identify the amount of money you’re making from your customers. You can also view the amount of money spent. 
  • Helps with managing financial accounts– Track invoices and payments. Additionally, it helps in creating project quotes when developing a proposal.
  • Contains a system for monitoring performance– You can also monitor the performance of salespeople, seeing the number of sales someone has made and the number of sales leads they’ve generated.

In conclusion

Customer relations are an important part of building your business. If you get it right, you’ll build a strong and loyal customer base. Getting it wrong, however, repels clients from your roofing business. One way to get it right is to use a roofing CRM software, and one of the best is Roofr.

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