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Simple and Effective Essay Writing Tips!

Essay writing is considered as an obligatory academic written task irrespective of subject or institution. Few students can easily handle such tasks as they find themselves in a good position with it, while for few, this task can become a strenuous one. But this does not mean that a student should not try writing their own essay and start search of things like write my essay on search engines to look for easy way outs. There is no universal way of writing essays or solve the troubles of being assigned one, but the following few tips can standardize for essay writing and can be applicable to all types of academic essays.

The ‘Do’s’ of writing an essay

  1. Do make the essay easy to understand and read

Mostly the essay writing tasks are graded tasks, therefore, it is important for the instructors to be able to comprehend the abstract of the writing in the early stages of the assignment. The idea is to structure the essay in such a way that is to keep the main points highlighted while limiting the use of jargons at places where there is no need. The deal is that the essay should be able to deliver its message clearly.

  1. Do write a statement at the beginning of the essay

A statement is considered as an important part of an essay. This statement is structured in such a way that it presents the complete crux of the essay in a few lines or a sentence. One thing to note is that a statement does not mean that it is an opening sentence of the introduction. A statement could come either in the mid or at the end of the introduction of an essay. Many instructors ask the student to write the statement in a separate heading in order to differentiate the statement from the main body of the essay.

  1. Do follow the transition between the paragraphs

A transition in a paragraph means to shift from one to another in a proper smooth way that is to make a connection between the two paragraphs. The last sentence of a paragraph should always be in line with the proceeding or introductory sentence of the second paragraph.

The ‘Don’ts’ of writing an essay

  1. Don’t use too much information

Using information and facts is a plus point unless it is used in a minimal way. Do not overburden your essay with too much information or numerous theories and facts that could easily result in losing the focus from the main idea and argument.

  1. Don’t let grammar mistakes ruin your essay

Grammar mistakes and typos do not indicate any proficiency in grammar knowledge; however, it does give a bad impression to your instructor. Try to proofread your work and look for any grammatical or sentence mistakes as much as possible. Although there is numerous spell check software but do not rely too much on them as they are also very limited in functioning. It is also advisable that you let someone else proofread your essay for you with a fresh eye.

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