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Standard Sizes for Windows and exterior Doors

When it comes to changing your windows and exterior doors, understanding the options available can help you make the right choice. Before starting your replacement project, you must know how the different parts of the windows come together to make the window.

Some manufacturers use different materials and methods to come up with a complete window, but there are necessary window components that cannot be missed in a window. Things like brick molds, casings, frame sizes, and jamb extensions cannot be compromised if you want your window to have the highest energy efficiency. In this Total Home Windows and Doors guide, we will help you understand how all these components come together to get the best out of your windows and exterior doors. Take a look.

  1. Window Profile

The width of the window frame matters when choosing a replacement window.  You have to know the measurements of the existing frame so that your window can fit well into it. Some windows are like a slider hung, and the end-vent has a low profile frame. If you are looking for windows with a higher or broader frame, you can go for casement and awning windows.

For the fixed picture windows, you can get them in both high and low profiles. The existing frame is the number one factor to consider when choosing new replacement windows because your new windows have to fit perfectly in the existing space.

To know its profile well, take measurements and carry them with you to the store. Also, the amount of light you want in your room can be another factor to consider. The rooms with high-profile frames have a low surface area for glazing, hence less light. Most people want a lot of light in their rooms, meaning they will go for low-profile frames.

It also depends on the type of room you are working on. Windows in the living room can’t resemble those in the bedroom and the washroom. You need privacy in the bathroom, so you will be more likely to go for high-profile frames.

  1. Casing

The casing is another feature that will determine the kind of windows and exterior doors Toronto chooses from. The trim around the window will determine the replacement window you will select. Although manufacturers use different sizes of casing, there is a standard size that fits in most window openings.

A standard vinyl window will have a casing measuring about 2 5/8 inches. You might also find others measuring 3 3/8 inches, which is still a standard size. The size of the casing you will choose will depend on how big or small the brick mold you used for replacement was.

  1. Brickmould

An installer will use a strip of material on the exterior to close the space between the window’s wall and the frame of the window. This strip of material is what we refer to as brickmould. The strap also prevents water and air from getting inside the house. The installer uses the same size of the brick mold used on the previous front doors or windows for the replacement. In most cases, the brick mold used measures 1 inch, which is not a fixed size. Some use ¾ of an inch, while others use 7/8. Sometimes, the installer prefers to use bigger brick molds.

  1. Jamb Extensions

This material covers the bare part of the rough opening that happens when the installer connects the casing to the frame. There is no standard size for the jamb because the jamb’s size should depend on your window’s width.

Before purchasing your exterior doors or windows, it is crucial to understand how different parts are linked together to create the window or door. It is sometimes about the size, color, or shape of the window. Research to see how other factors will affect energy efficiency, appearance, or the type of window you choose. Please note that these factors will push you more toward the limitation side regarding the maximum sizes of windows a company can manufacture.

Windows and exterior doors Toronto are made of different parts, and each comes in handy in the general functioning of the unit. It is essential to understand each part so that you know what to change in your front doors or windows in case you need replacement.

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