The Best Ankle Boot Hacks for a Perfect Fit

This spring there’s no holding back when it comes to boot trends. Boots of every shape and style will get an airing this coming season. It’s a real change because it’s usually a time when boots get forgotten at the bottom of a wardrobe. Long, mid-length, as well as ankle boots, are definitely IN this spring – with a little more emphasis on stylish ankle boots and booties that is!

It’s great news for fashionistas who like to keep their feet firmly in their ankle boots. Wet weather beware because wearing boots offer the perfect solution. Shorts, skirts, dresses, and trousers of every kind look fantastic with a well-chosen, well-designed, and comfortable ankle boot – and there are so many styles to choose from.

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Put a spring in Your Step!

Choosing the right ankle boot will either thrill you or leave you needing a bigger shoe rack. With the weather being so unpredictable, ankle boots are stylishly comfortable to wear and oh, so practical. No matter what you wear, ankle boots look good and as a bonus they keep your feet warm!

It’s always nice to put away the winter ‘woollies’ and break out a more summery collection of clothes. Shorts, skirts, frocks all vying to get out of the wardrobe and back into the light of day – a bit like arms and legs. Shorts worn with Western style ankle boots look stunning – especially with a trendy denim or leather jacket and naturally bare legs if you can.

Shorter Hemlines & Ankle Boots: The Perfect Combination

Ankle boots set off a frock to perfection, especially if the dress has a shorter hemline – and they do justice to tight-fitting jeans too. Choosing the right pair to complement and set off an outfit can be fun – it can set off a look to perfection when the combination is right. If you’re feeling playful – think bright, colored, metallic boots or maybe even peep-toe boots. Details are important and this includes design cut-outs which are all the trend this spring.

Long Skirts and Booties – A very Feminine Appeal

A really great look that’s both elegant and comfortable and which sometimes gets forgotten involves longer skirts. When worn with mid-heel ankle boots you create a great look that suits all body shapes. If you’re on the shorter side, choose a hemline that’s more midi than maxi but if you’re tall, then go for a longer length and high heel ankle boot – marry it all up to a sexy, blousy top to complete your great Spring ladylike look!

Skinny Jeans Are a Must with Booties!

Skinny jeans worn with booties are a must – throw on a loose top, colored cottons are fab – a slightly higher heel is a great choice if you are on the short side – for taller ladies, a classy pair of flatter heeled ankle boots do the job perfectly.

Moon Boots

Moon Boots are the perfect shoes for keeping your feet warm on a cold winter day. They are made of thermal neoprene and have a fleece lining to keep your toes nice and toasty. Moon Boots also have a durable rubber sole that will keep you stable on icy surfaces. Moon Boots are a unique style of footwear that gained popularity in the early 1990s. Originally created as winter boots, they were made to keep the wearer’s feet warm and dry in cold weather conditions. 

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Are You a Convert?

Some say ankle boots worn with shorts and skirts makes it hard to achieve a balanced look but with the choice of styles and heels around, life has just been made a lot easier. But with this said there are certain factors you need to keep in mind which are as follows:

Ankle boots and booties are a no-brainer when worn with wide-leg pants and boot-cut jeans – however, you lose all the detail of the boot!

Worn with skinnies and straight-leg trousers shows off the boot but is a little more daring – you need to get it right!

Stylish ankle boots look great with shorts and shorter hemlines – it’s daring and makes a great statement. You have to keep the leg line to achieve a brilliant look that doesn’t shorten leg lengths – so keep to one color! Black booties and black textured hose make for a perfect combination.

If you haven’t worn ankle boots with shorts or skirts, then try it and see how you feel – take your time and find the perfect leather ankle boot for a look you want to create this spring – then go for it!

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