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The Importance of Clothes for Woman’s Attractiveness

Importance of clothes is huge, it emphasizes her attractiveness and creates an individual image. Clothing is a self-expression of a woman, her way of life.

In this article we will not talk about the styles of clothing for the current season with the help of bellabarnett review which is a well known fashion store, but we will enlist the psychologist’s arguments about the male perception of how a woman is dressed, the importance of clothes to the body, as well as the importance of clothes in relationships psychology. This is a whole science from the point of view of psychology, the perception of a man: color, style, matching clothes to your body, circumstances and place.

After all, what comes out, a woman dresses up mostly for women of her own sex. They participate as if in an unofficial competition, but in general, clothing should attract men. To do this, it is important to know, feel and accurately use the “language of clothes” in communicating with men.

Fashion is the enemy of attractiveness, because individuality is lost, and the imposed external style does not correspond to the internal psychological state, the world of a woman. If you don’t dress the way you want, then you don’t feel that way, while others don’t perceive you that way.

Dear ladies, the most important thing to remember is that you are a woman, so the style of clothing should highlight your femininity. When choosing anything, try to emphasize your forms and show that you have a taste. What “suits you” and what fashion trends are popular right now are two completely different things and should stay that way.

The importance of clothes in our life is emphasized by the fact that you can focus on your strengths and hide your weaknesses.

Most women, critically evaluating their appearance, hide flaws under long, loose clothing, naively believing that they will make a good impression. Visit the following web-site to start live video chatting right now!

But they are mistaken, because clothes should emphasize your femininity, be comfortable, so that you feel free in them, and hide only minor defects of your figure from a man’s look.

Therefore, categorically exclude clothing that hides the delights of your body: these shapeless, loose-fitting silhouettes, men’s styles, patch pockets, all sorts of distracting details. You are not a New Year tree and you dress to attract the attention of a man.

By the way, the more you expose your body, the more you have to watch for your appearance. Once you’ve shown your body, legs, tummy, then live up to this look on all the following dates.

Since men are mostly kinesthetic, they not only look at you, but also “feel” you with their eyes, and they want to do so with their hands.

That is why they are attracted to these pleasant to the touch fabrics: silk, satin, velvet, fur. The preference is soft to the touch, pleasing to the eye.

These fabrics advantageously encircle the female figure. Smoothing women’s forms, they enhance and emphasize your femininity.

Synthetic, coarse, scratching thickly bonded fabrics, discourage any desire in men to touch.

But since we know that a man “loves with his eyes,” transparent or translucent fabrics are welcome.

Remember that the style of your clothes is aimed at sexually emphasizing your merits. Undoubtedly, you can look attractive and sexy and in a business suit, if it emphasizes your feminine charms, but still, it is not suitable for a romantic meeting.

The degree of openness you define for yourself is welcomed: long skirts with a cut, transparent inserts on the chest, neckline in front or behind. But at the same time consider the peculiarities of your body and the character of this or that man.

Most of all, you can see how strongly do you attract a man by his eyes. The imagination of a man will finish drawing invisible parts of the body, which will excite him more than nudity.

The clothes should have intrigue and mystery, but do not confuse this with completely covering your body: a high collar, long sleeves, legs fully covered.

All this screams to the man:

“I am unavailable, do not approach me!”

There are many styles of clothes, where a man should guess whether you have a bra, what panties do you wear, if you do. Always be confident with your choice of clothes, but be sexy, that is the most important thing.

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