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These Tips and Tricks Can Help You Ace Your Maths Exam in Class 10 Boards With Ease

Class 10 Board Exams are not a joke. There’s lots of pressure on students by parents & teachers as well as relatives, and the stakes are higher because the results of Class 10 Boards Exams decides if  students will get to be able to take Science as their main stream in the next Class. Also, students will be studying for boards exams for the first time ever in their lives, so this is definitely a big thing for them because this experience with board exams will help them prepare themselves for the future in two years when they will have to eventually give the bigger and more important board examination, the Class 12 Board Exams.

Up till Class 10, Students studying in Indian schools are given a prescribed syllabus by their respective schools (which also implement syllabuses from their respective educational boards like CBSE). This syllabus consists of a mix of everything that a student needs to at the very least have a fundamental understanding of. This syllabus comprises subjects like Science(which is divided into Biology, Physics, and Chemistry), Social Studies (Political Science, Sociology), English, Mathematics, and a language they want to study of their choice (some boards also make it necessary to study Hindi up to a certain class). The syllabus is pretty diverse, and has almost everything a student needs to know before they pass out of school which will help them later in life.

Class 10th, however is also the last time a student gives a Mathematics examination, this is because students will be allowed to opt for Mathematics in the coming classes i.e. Class 11 & Class 12 out of their own choice (except for Commerce for whom Mathematics is fundamental to the understanding of their subject). For students who are deciding to not take Mathematics as a subject next class, why not give it your all this one last time to get amazing marks?

Mathematics may come off a hard subject, but it is definitely not an easy one either, this is said considering that students cannot attain proficiency in the subject just by practicing their calculations and timing, their expertise in Maths is also determined by other important factors.

Scoring the best marks in Maths does not require Einstein’s brain (although that would be a nice thing to have) and it surely does not require you to be an alien. However, that is not all there is in mastering Mathematics as a subject, of course everybody wants to score good marks, but there are some amazing tips and tricks that students are not at all utilizing enough and are missing out on their full potential. Here are the suggested tips and tricks that students must know and add to their arsenal if they want to get serious about scoring and gaining an advantage in order to score the best marks in Class 10 Mathematics board examination.

The Tips

  • Remembering all the important problem-solving tools in Mathematics — Students who have studies Mathematics would have noticed that in every chapter there lies an equation, a formulae, or theories which help ease the workload on a student’s brain by helping them solve Maths problems with ease. Most of the time, students will end up studying these important tools to problem-solving in class and just forget about them later when they get home from school, and this is a very big mistake. These theories and formulas are important to the understanding of certain concepts and problems in Maths. These formulas and theories are later proven to be useful for solving that one hard question in the Maths board exam, and if a student does not remember them at that time, then they are doomed. So this is one of the very first tips that is suggested to students to act upon as soon as possible. Students can take note of these important concepts and note them down in a separate book or copy, and keep revising them until they can remember them from the back of their head with ease.


  • Practicing Sample Papers/Practice Questions/Previous Board Papers — This tip is way too important to leave out of this list. It is a very well-known fact that practice makes perfect, and this fact applies very well to Mathematics too. A common trait that Class 10 Maths Board exam toppers share amongst themselves is that all of them practice previous year papers as well as sample papers many times. These papers are important for practice because they familiarize students with the examination pattern as well as get them into the zone they need to be in to write the exam smoothly. Class 10 students can also refer to handy books like RS Aggarwal’s books, whose Class 10 Solutions (for chapters like Coordinate Geometry) can be of great help in getting good marks. These papers also contain questions that have sometimes appeared in the actual Maths board exam, so students who get lucky can do that question very well because they would have already practiced it.



  • Maintaining your mental and physical well-being — This tip is an unfamiliar one, but it is definitely important. Students are dying to get good marks in their Maths board exams in class 10, but sometimes their chase for amazing marks makes them sacrifice their mental and physical well-being. Exams will come and go, but ruining your mental health and physical health is a hard one to recover from. Students should take care of themselves by not staying up too late to study, get proper sleep, eat well, exercise daily, and also take breaks when studying for too long because everyone needs a break once in a while.


Getting good marks is an absolutely amazing feeling, and getting good marks in board exams is on a whole another level. These suggested tips and tricks will surely help students get that A+ in their Class 10 Mathematics Board exams and make their parents, teachers, and everyone proud, especially themselves.

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